Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rising Star: CIM C0508 Leaky Pen

This alluring shade of dark blue-green is probably my very favorite from the new Creation Is Messy glass color line. There’s nothing like it in any of the soft glass lines that I know of - with the exception of perhaps Bullseye. The combination of this color and the dark purple shade I talked about earlier makes my knees positively weak. Yum!

Leaky Pen is a very saturated transparent color - almost black looking if you’re not paying attention. It’s a pretty stiff glass to work with - it reminds me a little of Lauscha in that regard. It can also get a little bit scummy - but that scum tends to burn off quite well.

I’ve encased it a number of times with clear - sometimes layered over light grey, sometimes over light blue - and it does pretty well. Use it sparingly, though - because as most stiffer 104’s, it can crack if you use a ton of it under an encased layer.

This color pulls into the most gorgeous stringer ever - you can use it alone, or even make encased stringer with it and grey or blue. It reminds me of a stormy Caribbean ocean. Or, yeah, pen ink.

The CIM website has more info on this and other CIM colors - and some of my beads are even pictured in the Leaky Pen section.

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