Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rising Star: Effetre 039 Dark Violet Transparent

Effetre has been putting out new transparent purple shades quite a bit in the lastfew years, and I think they finally hit on a definite winner with this deep, saturated purple. It’s several levels darker than the relatively new Ink BlueViolet (058V, an Effetre Odd).

I was confused when this color came out(with its sister 041 Light Violet) - Effetre had released the Ink Blue line of colors not too long before, and they are all really lovely. In fact, 041 Light Violet is almost exactly the same shade as Ink Blue Violet. Confused? It gets better, I promise.

I was actually very pleasantly surprised when I first got this color several months ago, because it is really saturated - a spacer made out of this color would appear almost black. But pull this gorgeous glass into stringer and you have purple at its most royal.

This transparent color is relatively stiff - slightly stiffer than other transparents in the same line. It’s got great clarity, though - I haven’t experienced much bubbling or scumming at all. It also has no reactive or striking qualities that I have seen. Just a great deep transparent color - deeper than anyof the other purples out there in anything close to 104 coe that I have seen.

Layer this glass over Pastel Ink Blue (aka Light Lavender Blue, #247) for a rich purple. Encase that with any of the transparent lavenders or clear to lighten it up for a great grapey base.
Effetre may be coming out with a gazillion different purples, but who cares whenthey are all so gorgeous! This one is my fave so far.

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