Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rising Star: Vetrofond 958 Pajama Blue

Soft, muted and cozy - just like your favorite pajamas! Vetrofond named this glass perfectly - it's such a warm, lovely color. It fits right into the blue-green palette - it's a bit more muted and saturated than Light Sky Blue, but lighter and fluffier than Light Turquoise. I'm totally in love.

Pajama Blue came out as an Odd Lot I believe, sometime earlier this year. Most vendors do have it in stock as of this writing. It's not too expensive, either - yey!

Pajama is an opaque color, and keeps its wonderful opacity even when spread out. It reacts a lot like Light Turquoise when paired with any dark color. Small striations of color appear when the glass is layered, creating some pretty effects.

I like to compare this color with Light Turqoise, because it really works very similar - it's not too stiff, not too soupy - even for an opaque. It also can reduce for a little bit of greyish metallic near the holes of the base, but not nearly as much as Turquoise. It's a pretty stable glass otherwise - it won't spread too much when placed on other colors. And it doesn't overtake colors, either.

I haven't used this lovely color with some of the traditional reactive friends that Turquoise has (like Opal Yellow, Purple, etc.), so I am not sure of the reactive properties yet, but I can imagine that it's very similar to Turquoise in that regard. It does create reactive brown lines when layered over Ivory, as most opaque blues do.

I love this color with browns - as seen in a set of beads below. I will definitely be adding this one to my regular stash for as long as they decide to make it!


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