Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glass Testing: CiM 487 Poison Apple

If I was going to love an opal translucent CiM color, this one would be it. Poison Apple is a gorgeous color - very bright and really tempting to eat.
Of course I will probably be in the minority when I say that I really like that this color goes opaque in the kiln.

Poison Apple glass is really a dream to work with, and that's one of the reasons I will probably buy more of it. I generally don't stick with translucent colors because they are hard to layer, but this color is one exception.

The glass itself has a wonderful consistency and is easy to pull into stringer and wrap on the mandrel. I had no issues with cracking or annealing temperature. (some translucents need a different annealing schedule).

I really love that this color is so vivid it's almost neon. Even after annealing, the color is bright and almost animated. The shade of green reminds me a little bit of Effetre Nile Green, but with more saturation and slightly more yellowish. It's not as yellow as Pea Green. When compared to Elphaba, Poison Apple is slightly darker and has more blue. So it sits between those colors and has more saturation than all of them.

As for the transparency - Poison Apple looks great encased - nice and opaque, mostly without streaks, and not as dense as most opaques are. As a base, it has a few streaks, but is really a delicious color. When used as stringer decoration and melted in, it had a typical separation line, like in many opaque greens in the 104 glass line.

When layered, it does tend to stay more translucent/transparent, even after a cycle in the kiln. This means that it retains a kind of glow when used in raised florals - some of it goes opaque and some of it stays translucent. It's very pretty, but not as dense as I would normally like.

The bottom line is that this color is so gorgeous I might stray away from my otherwise strict (and slightly snobby) adherence to pure, stable glass. But mostly as a base or in florals, and not as much as a layering glass (line in encased florals or stripes). It might be fun to try this in an encased stringer though....Yey!!


  1. I like the raised flowers the best Kandice, they glow from inside.

  2. the translucency in the applied flowers is gorgeous - what a great way to use this glass. thanks for all the info.