Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glass Testing: CiM 589 Zachary

It's been awhile since I have done some glass testing! This time I am testing out Creation is Messy's new opaque called Zachary. The glass is named after the owner Kathy Seamands' brand new baby boy! Congratulations, Kathy. :)

Of course, given its name, Zachary is a lovely baby blue. It's a dense light opaque glass that is a couple shades lighter than Effetre Periwinkle.

Zachary reminds me a lot of CiM Dirty Martini - not because of the color, but because of the density of the glass and the consistency. I really love that CiM's opaques have the ability to keep their color even when they are very light.

Because of this, Zachary makes a nice base for layering, and also stands well on its own. It's not too stiff, but not too soupy and has no bleeding/spreading effect that I could see. It also doesn't tend to seperate and streak like Periwinkle can sometimes do.

Zachary of course makes a great base under all the transparent blues in the 104 COE line - I have used it with Medium Blue and Intense Blue in striping and it works great. In the beads pictured, I experimented with layering colors I normally wouldn't put with blue.

In this first set, I layered it with Effetre Light Steel Grey and touches of clear. The effect is a rainy, icy tone which I really love.

The second set features Zachary layered with Effetre Dark Lavender. This pulls out the blue in the lavender - still icy but a little more cheerful.

Both transparent colors reacted well with Zachary, meaning the opaque light blue is a really stable color and encases well.

I don't normally get excited over blues, but this color kind of fits my mood lately and is pretty much a home run in terms of workability. Yey!


  1. oooh, pretty Kandice.

    How does it compare color wise to pajama blue or light sky blue. In your pictures it looks a little lighter, but in other photos I have seen not enough of a difference to buy more blue.

    I like your comment about DM as I too like the consistancy of that glass.

    I'm interested to read no seperating streaky lines like Periwinkle, this is a big selling point.

  2. How awesome! My son's name is Zachary!

  3. :) Lara - this color is less greenish than either Pajama or Sky. It is a lot closer to Periwinkle....I would call it a light periwinkle. It has more red in it than the other blues.

  4. Thanks for the reply Kandice. I'm going to have to try it.

  5. Wow what a lovely new CiM colour! And love the name too - you have done amazing things with this new glass!!

  6. Kandice,

    I have awarded you with the Sunshine Blog Award because your advice and expertise help so many of us glass artists. Thank you for sharing that with all of us! Your beads are beautiful and I have admired your work for years.

    Check out your award here

  7. Spot on, Kandice. We engineered Messy Zachary in response to requests for a "blue version of Dirty Martini."

  8. Hello

    I have been given the Sunshine Award and I have decided to pass it onto you!

    to receive your award just go to my blog and copy it over

    Love Teri of Rainbow Cottage xx