Saturday, July 6, 2013

CiM Glass Testing: 418 Lichen Ltd. Run

 Another shade of green!  CiM did have a lot of different greens in their last batch of new color, that's for sure. There are three more I haven't even gotten to yet! 

This shade is a bit different from most of the CiM greens I have tried. It's called Lichen, and is a limited run - meaning that it won't be around forever, so if you like it, get it while you can.

Personally, I think I might have called this color "Ghost" if I had the power.  CiM Lichen is a strange shade of green - very light, kind of olive-y, with a grey cast. It's close to CiM Dirty Martini - only slightly darker and a lot less dense. It reminds me of swirling, ghostly mist.

Lichen isn't exactly translucent, but it does tend to not be as opaque and "chalky" as Dirti Martini.  It gets kind of a glowy effect when encased or layered, and will wash out under thick layers of clear. You can see this in the spacers - the plain ones are opaque, but the one encased in clear lost most of its color.

My camera added a lot more cyan to this color than it actually has - which I think is because its so light and subtle. I had to pull the cyan out with my photo editing software.

Lichen is slightly stiffer than Dirty Martini, but not overly so.  It works up easily, not bleeding into any other color.  It does striate (leaving ghostly little lines) a small amount if left opaque, but that goes away when the color is layered with any transparent.

CiM Lichen, Mojito, Lapis, DH Aether and Effetre Lt. Violet Trans.
I made encased stringer using Lichen and CiM Mojito, and the Lichen was very translucent underneath - enhancing the ghostly appearance. It opacified a little in the kiln.  However, when Lichen is used as a melted decoration on top of an opaque color, it almost disappears, giving the bead a sunken in look. 

The Mojito is easiest to see on the petals in the center flower.
Mojito is a great color to pair with Lichen - it enhances the olive tones without getting too dark. Layering is tricky, but a fun challenge!

I love this odd shade, but it was a pain to find any crystal beads that matched the color! The closest I could get was Swarovski Crystal Luminous Green.

Below are some more of the beads I made with this color - the sets are called "Secret Garden".

CiM Lichen, Mojito, Lapis, DH Aether and Effetre Lt. Violet Trans.


  1. Would you mind telling me how you got that great purple?

  2. It's CiM Lapis layered with Effetre Light Violet Transparent, with clear overtop. :)