Saturday, October 11, 2014

Glass Testing: CiM 617 Trapeze Ltd. Run

Seems like CiM loves lavender! Creation is Messy has come out with at least half a dozen of these color-shifting lavender shades - each one just slightly different from the next.  All are lovely - and Trapeze is no exception. It's slightly darker (just a tiny bit) than Jellyfish, which is the lavender that was out before this one.  Other than that, I see very little difference between Trapeze and the other lavenders out there.

Plain and whiteheart
I am sure if you put them all side by side (Trapeze, Jellyfish, Count Von Count, Larkspur, Tranquility and even Purple Haze) you could see a few tiny differences in shade and maybe even a little bit of variation when it comes to the color-shifting properties in regular light versus fluorescents or halogens. But separately, you'd have a hard time telling the difference between any of these and their Effetre counterpart - the original 081 Dark Lavender.

I'm not complaining, though - don't get me wrong.  I LOVE all the lavender.  It's sometimes hard to find, and usually expensive.  So the more variations on this color, the better, I think.

Now, as far as Trapeze is concerned, I found this glass to be pretty much the same as Jellyfish when it comes to working it. Maybe a little less scummy on the rod.  Work cooler to avoid the bubbling or burning, and it melts like butter.  Trapeze has a nice, even tone, and looks wonderful layered over any opaque purple.

As usual, lavender glass turns lighter greyish blue under fluorescent lighting, vivid lavender in the sun, and pinkish lavender under incandescent lights.  Trapeze does this, but not quite as much as the Effetre or the Jellyfish. 

Enjoy the purple! :)

Trapeze is layered over CiM Lapis in some of these beads.

Trapeze looks gorgeous over Effetre Light Lavender Blue opaque.

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  1. OMG!!! This is soooo beautiful. Love the color and the BEADS!!!! Super like!!!!