Friday, December 5, 2014

Glass Testing: CiM 526 Ice Floe Ltd. Run

This pretty new glass color from Creation is Messy was kind of hard to capture in a pic, because it is very very pale.  Ice Floe is a limited run, which is sad, because it's a wonderful transparent color. There's nothing else like it that I know of in the 104 COE line - it's bluer than Effetre Pale Aqua, and a lot paler and more grey than any of the transparent blues out there.

The rods are a very pale transparent grey-blue, so the color name is really appropriate, here.  It does look like ice. I really liked this color - it's lovely alone, and layers well with opaque blues.

The consistency of Ice Floe is really nice - not too stiff at all.  It also didn't seem to scum or burn easily, which is a plus.  No bleeding or sinking to speak of, so the glass layers well in dots and as encasing.

In the beads below, I layered Ice Floe with CiM Zachary, for a cool, icy light blue that reminded me of frosty mornings.I love this light transparent - we don't have enough pale colors, I think!

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