Friday, January 16, 2015

Glass Testing: Aquaphobia Frit - Fritty Bits by Melanie Graham

I've just tested the third Fritty Bits color I have - called Aquaphobia. As you'll remember, Fritty Bits is 104 COE frit by Melanie Graham.  It's meant to be compatible with the 104 coe line of glass in general.

Aquaphobia is a small-ish grain frit that is primarily made up of shades of aqua, with a smattering of other blues as well.  It has grains of opaque, translucent and transparent glass.

The color is pretty straightforward, which I really like.  The hues are clean and lovely. Aquaphobia does react to ivory, according to the sample on Etsy, which I think is really pretty.  

There is a small amount of an unknown striking glass (or perhaps just a color that's reactive) - similar to the dark spots that were in Jabberwock - a color I tested awhile back

These spots didn't appear on the white sample bead I did - only on the opaque blue/green (CiM Duck Egg), which leads me to believe this was a reaction. It adds a nice variety to the color on an opaque base.

On this set I started with the base of Duck Egg, applies a thick layer of frit, melted in, then did some clear scrollwork on top (with DH Aether). The effect is very pretty, I think. The frit does tend to bubble a little bit, but this is normal with most aqua transparent glass, and does burn off.

I really like this color, and would recommend it for people who love blue!

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