Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Glass Color Testing: CiM 624 African Violet Ltd. Run

It's been a good long time since CiM has released a darker transparent purple that wasn't on the red side - this is really exciting for me, since I am a purple freak! CiM's new African Violet is a lovely shade of soft purple that is very much on the blue side - an indigo for sure.

plain spacers
At first glance, the rods are pretty dark - like looking at purple in the middle of the night. Not nearly as dark as Gypsy or the new Cleopatra, but dark enough. When melted, though, African Violet loses some of its saturation and turns a little bit greyish. It's still purple enough, though.

For my purposes, I like a brighter purple, so I tried layering this on Heffalump, and the results are perfect.

African Violet is similar to Effetre Ink Blue in hue, but not quite as saturated.
left - encased in clear, right - layered over Heffalump, then encased in clear.

layered over white
The glass itself is pretty dreamy to work with - it's not too stiff and has no issues with scumming or bubbling. I also didn't have any problems with shocking. African Violet stays put without bleeding or sinking, and layers really well.  Encasing thins out the color a little bit, but not too much.

Below are some bead sets I made with the Heffalump/African Violet, along with Leaky Pen and Laguna

This purple is one of the easiest and prettiest glass colors I have used in awhile. Luckily, all the new CiM colors have been released and are available to buy over at Frantz. And the prices aren't too bad!

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