Friday, March 24, 2017

Glass Testing: CiM 456 Eel Grass and 455 Troll Limited Runs.

A few new colors to blog about today!

The first two are muted green shades - one transparent and one opaque, and they pair perfectly together!

First up is the opaque, called Troll. This is a medium green that is a little grey-ish in tone, without the yellow undertones that would make it more of an olive. There's no other color like it in the 104 coe palette that I know of, which makes me happy.

Troll behaves nicely - no shocking in my experience, and not a lot of spreading or bleeding. It does, however, go quite streaky when left alone in a base. Once you encase it in clear, though, the streaks fade, and the color actually lightens up a bit.

I found this glass to be not too stiff and not too soupy, and easy to layer with. It doesn't overtake other colors when layered, and has no issues with pitting or discoloration. There's quite a bit of grey in it, making it a bit like Dirty Martini, only much darker.  It's a pretty shade alone, but really sings when paired with Eel Grass, which I will talk about next.

Eel Grass is a light but muted forest green shade that is just lovely. I am excited about this green because it is really understated and quite removed from the bright, grassy greens available.

There's a bit of grey in this shade as well, and like it's partner above, there aren't any yellow tones to push it into the olive green area. This makes it unique in the 104 palette.

Eel Grass, (which is an interesting name - I had to look it up!) has great consistency. It is just ever-so-slightly stiff. I had some small amounts of scumming when heated too quickly, but was able to gently burn that off. Stringer will scum up if you heat it too fast, so be careful of that.

It makes lovely encased stringer when used with Troll. However, when applying the stringer as scroll work, I had some issues with it popping off if I didn't immediately heat it to melt it down just a bit. Normally I can let a scroll sit on top of the bead for a few seconds, but this didn't work as well with this stringer. However, I had no problems once I melted it in.

The beads below were made with the Eel Grass and Troll, along with black, clear and purple, with some metallic accents. You can see here how well these colors layered together and stood out on the black, and with the purple. 

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