Thursday, August 24, 2017

Glass Testing: CiM 462 Chrysalis and 463 Siren

This post starts off the new batch of colors from Creation is Messy for the fall - yey!

On to the first two colors! These two colors seemed to match, so I tested them together.

First up is Chrysalis - which CiM says they formulated as an opaque version of Kryptonite - one of their popular opal colors. The color itself is a pastel minty blue/green. I would say first off that they were only a little bit successful making this an opaque color. Chrysalis can appear more opaque in some circumstances - and this ends up being a tricky thing to do - but a lot of the time it qualifies to me as a dense opal.

Chrysalis does have a nice consistency when melting, though - not too soupy and not too stiff. It behaves like an opal while being worked - going hazy-clear when melted and staying that way for a good amount of time while it cools. When making spacers I was able to get it to go opaque quite easily, but when pulling it into a petal there were spots of opaque and spots of translucence. Because of this color's paleness, this was hard to capture in a photograph.

I did notice that when layering this color, it did stay somewhat opaque when thickly encased and cooled slowly. However, Chrysalis does have a tendency to bleed and feather to various degrees, depending on what you melt it on top of and how thickly you've covered it.

While working with this color, I couldn't find much consistency in how often it would go opaque or stay translucent - it felt kind of random to me. But I imagine that working with it for awhile would enable me to discover a pattern.

The color itself is quite lovely - of a similar tone as Kryptonite. I would love it if Chrysalis was as dense and opaque as Dirty Martini! As it is, I probably won't use this again, because it was so hard to layer.

Next, we have Siren - a transparent shade that was to be a remake of the color Aloe Juice - and for me it's a dead ringer! This is exciting, because Aloe Juice was one of my favorites, and I was sad when they ran out.

Siren is a gorgeous shade of light green with just a hint of teal. I would call it pale teal green. It pretty much has the same simple characteristics as Aloe Juice, which I reviewed here.  It's got great consistency, doesn't bubble or scum or shock, is a nice viscosity, and layers very well.

Siren is just a bit bluer than Appletini and slightly greener than any of the teal shades. It's a great addition to the palette, as there is no similar shade other than the sold-out Aloe Juice.
Aloe Juice on the left, Siren on the right

Here are some beads made with Chrysalis and Siren, along with black, Aloha, Trade Winds and the metallic Electra. More colors to come!

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