Resources for Glass Beadmakers

Recommended Reading

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Glass Beadmaking, by Jim Kervin - This book is the definitive source for information about equipment, safety and beginning beadmaking. Kim and Kandice both recommend this book highly for every beadmaker.

Passing the Flame: A Beadmaker's Guide to Detail and Design, by Corina Tettinger - Corina's book is a wonderful resource for novice beadmakers, and contains lots of colorful images and small tutorials.

Beads of Glass, by Cindy Jenkins - A lovely book by Lark, this has in-depth tutorials as well as information about the artists who made the beads. Kimberly is in this one, so it's a must have!

1000 Glass Beads: Innovation & Imagination in Contemporary Glass Beadmaking (500 Series) - This is Lark's idea of torture! 1000 Glass Beads will keep you busy drooling for many years to come. Oh, and Kim is in this one, too!

Masters: Glass Beads: Major Works by Leading Artists (The Masters) - This is a fantastic book just chock full of pictures to drool over. Another delicious offering by Lark Books.

Glass Bead Workshop: Building Skills, Exploring Techniques, Finding Inspiration, by Jeri Warhaftig - This is a book that's highly recommended by Kim and contains lots of goodies for glassworkers.

Glass Notes, a reference for the glass artist, by Henry Halem - Another book recommended by Kim.

Torchworked Marbles, Vol. 1 - Beginning to Intermediate Techniques, by Drew Fritts - You don;t have to be a marble maker to appreciate this book! In it Drew has tons of recipes for mixing your own glass colors. A great reference for anyone who loves to mix glass. Recommended by both Kim and Kandice.

Contemporary Lampworking: A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame (Volume 1 and 2), by Bandu Scott - This is actually a pair of books that are geared more to the boro artist, but do have a lot of good general information in them for everyone.

Glass Vendors and Manufacturers

ABR Imagery - Glass and supplies
Affordable Inspiration - Glass and supplies (Australia)
Arrow Springs - Glass and supplies
Avenue Beads - Glass and supplies
Bullseye - Bullseye glass manufacturer
Creation is Messy - CiM glass manufacturer
Delphi Glass - Glass and supplies
Double Helix Glassworks - Double Helix glass manufacturer
Flame Dame - Glass and supplies
Flame Kissed Glass - Glass and supplies
Flame Tree Glass - Glass and supplies
Frantz Art Glass - Glass and supplies
GG Glass - Glass and supplies
Glass Alchemy - Borosilicate glass and supplies
Glasscraft - Borosilicate glass and supplies
Glass Daddy - Lauscha glass
Glass Diversions - Glass Frits
Hot Glass Color - Glass and supplies
Howaco Glass Supply - Glass and supplies
Katie Gee Designs - Specialty glass and supplies
Lauscha Lady - Lauscha glass and supplies
Mandrel, The - Glass and supplies
Moretti and More - Glass and supplies
Mountain Glass Art - Glass and supplies
Northstar Glassworks - Borosilicate and Precision glass and supplies
Olympic Color Rod - Glass and supplies
Sundance Art Glass - Glass and supplies
ThatFritGirl - Glass frits
Trevs Glass - Glass and supplies
Val Cox - Glass frits

Tools and Supplies

ARTCO - Tools, supplies and a line of glass
Aura Lens - Protective eyewear and supplies
Cattwalk - Glass presses and tools
Jim Moore - Specialty glass tools
Rocio Studios - Tools and supplies
Wale Apparatus - Torches and supplies
Zoozii - Glass presses and tools


Beading Daily
Frit Happens
International Society of Glass Beadmakers aka ISGB
Lampwork, Etc. aka LE
Melting Pot, The
WetCanvas (Glass workers' area) aka WC

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