Sunday, July 13, 2014

CiM Glass Testing: 765 Chai Ltd. Run and 204 Peachy Keen

So, a couple of weeks ago I got a new box of color samples from Creation is Messy.  I was surprised, given that there are only four new colors listed on the CiM color preview page.  Kathy usually doesn't send test samples when there are so few colors.  However, when I opened the box, there were quite a few colors bundled up, and I didn't recognize most of them.  I'm not sure if they are all new - or if maybe some of them are coming back after being out of production for awhile - or what.  But I am happy to test them, regardless!

The two colors I am testing today are not new colors - one wasn't even in the batch I just got.  But when I saw an opaque peach in the bundle (Chai), I had to bring out my stash of the transparent color Peachy Keen to put with it. So I am blogging about Peachy Keen and Chai today, because we have very few choices for peach in the 104 glass lines, and I LOVE peach.  I'll get to the newer colors soon, I promise!

CiM's Chai Ltd. Run was a color I never had a chance to try before.  I don't recall when it came out, but I do remember some of the odd lots that came from it. I am not sure which version this is, because it's just labelled 765 Chai Ltd. Run.  However, the rods are much lighter than the old version seems to be, so maybe this is one of the odd lot formulas.

At any rate, this color is a light opaque warm peach, that is lighter when melted than in rod form.  It's not a dense color, but almost has a consistency of a CiM opal.  Chai can go translucent, but not as much as an opal color does.  When encased in clear, Chai goes very very light - almost ghost-like. I prefer encasing it in Peachy Keen to bring out the deeper peach tones.

Chai is also slightly stiff, and can pit and shock a little bit if you're not careful. Make sure to melt it all the way, or it won't pull smoothly into stringer.
It can still be made into encased stringer, and looks good with Peachy Keen as the encasement, but does go a little translucent at times. 

Layering this glass in melted dots can be tricky because of its lack of density, so I recommend a couple of layers of it to make sure it doesn't wash out.

Chai can strike slightly darker if you take your time with it. The longer it's worked in the flame, the darker and warmer the color gets.

All in all, I think I like Adobe better as a choice for warm peach, but Chai isn't bad.  I prefer it over Peaches and Cream - the opal peach shade that CiM had awhile back.

The counterpart here is Peachy Keen - a color that came out at the same time as the Peaches and Cream opal, but that I hadn't tried yet (waited for a good peach opaque instead of an opal, so I could layer).  I'm happy to say that this color is not a limited run - it's in the regular line up and I hope it stays that way.

Peachy Keen is a stable, light peach color with more saturation than Lauscha Peach or Effetre Pink. It's a perfect shade of peach!

Not too stiff, not too soft, this color can burn/scum if heated too quickly. Other than that, it's a wonderful glass to work with.  It layers well, encases nicely and has a beautiful clarity and shine.

This is a great color for any time of year - especially spring and summer.  Here, I paired it with navy blue for a soft, neutral look.

You can see how the Chai goes a little translucent, especially when layered with the Peachy Keen and melted in, as is show in the bead on the far right.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party - Blog Hop Reveal!!

8th Bead Soup Blog Party List of Participants' Blogs

Finally, the day we all have been waiting for - the big reveal!  I'm writing this on Friday, and have it set up to post at midnight eastern time tonight/Saturday morning - hopefully it will work.

First, I would like to say thank you to the party administrator Lori Anderson.  She is so amazing - throughout all of this huge thing, and with everything she has been going through in her life.  I would never have been able to handle something like this, so kudos and hugs to her!

Now, as many people might have already guessed, this is my first time participating in what has become a very popular event.  I'm first and foremost a glass beadmaker - I rarely make jewelry, and I almost always use lampwork in any that I do make.  So this was a huge challenge for me, not knowing what I would get and having a deadline to create something out of unfamiliar components.

I have to say, it was really fun!  I am proud of myself for actually being able to come up with something that I think looks nice and used every single thing I was sent.

My partner in this party is Kat BarronMiller of Midnight Kat Productions.She sent me this gorgeous selection of beads - you can see the blog post about them here

The soup was beautiful, and it took me a few weeks of pondering to finally decide how to use it.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to add pops of color to bring out the lovely autumn tones in these stones and in the brass findings.  I wanted to enhance the red and complement it, so I added some scarlet glass pearls and some amethyst gemstone beads.  I also added tiny metallic purple glass pearls and some deep chocolate brown pearls - some shiny and some with a matte finish for visual interest.

Stringing the necklace was pretty simple, so I started with that - adding two strands so the wearer could twist them if they liked. The brass wire really worked nicely - easy to wrap into connectors. I really love the look of the brass chain with the pearls, too.

The tricky part was coming up with a pendant that would incorporate all of the larger pieces - the dragonfly and flower, and also the agate focal.  I know we were't required to use everything, but I loved all three, so I couldn't leave any of them out.

I've never used anything this large in my jewelry, so it took me awhile to figure out what to do.  At first I thought I might glue the dragonfly to the stone, but I really wasn't sure I wouldn't make a huge mess of that, and I doubted it would come off if I messed it up.  So I decided to just make a sort of wire bail with the chocolate pearls, and then hang the dragonfly in front of the stone with some chain links.  The effect is somewhat cumbersome when handling the necklace, but once it's on, it hangs well.

I connected the flower element above the pendant using the flat connectors and some chain.  It's a little odd-looking, but I like it.

Lastly, I attached the pretty clasp.  The pearl strands are strung on Soft Flex wire and crimped, so the whole thing feels pretty substantial and strong.

I had tiny dragonfly charms left, along with vintaj drops, connectors, and balls, so I made some earrings to go with the necklace. I love these teeny litle dragonflies!  The whole ensemble reminds me of fall, which is just my thing.

Now, strangely, I don't wear a lot of jewelry, and don't have pierced ears anymore, so I will likely give this to someone I love as a present.  :)

My muse had a great time with this challenge - thanks to all for reading!

Now, go forth and visit all the other fantastic artists!
8th Bead Soup Blog Party List of Participants' Blogs

Friday, May 2, 2014

Random News and a Tutorial Sale

HI all!  It's been awhile, I know.  Sometimes the blog suffers when things are busy!

So here are a few updates....

First, I am having a tutorial sale this week.  Until May 10th, all of my tutorials on Coloraddiction are 30% off!  This includes the pumpkin tutorial.  Just use the coupon code MAYSALE when checking out.

**this does not include tutorials by Kim, or tutorials listed on Etsy.  Only the items under "Kandice's Tutorials" on the page linked here are included.

Next, just to let all interested parties know, the reveal date for the Bead Soup Blog Party has been moved to next weekend, instead of this weekend.  The coordinator moved it for medical reasons, and I wish her a speedy recovery and lots of love!

I have finished my jewelry pieces for the blog party/hop, and I am really happy with them.  It was a serious challenge for me, since I am first and foremost a glass beadmaker, and have only limited experience designing jewelry.  But I had a lot of fun stretching my creative muscles!  You'll see the results next weekend, and I will talk more about my process then.

Another piece of news - I have finished May's Bead of the Month Club beads.  They're purple and green, some of my faves for summer.  I'm now taking orders for June and beyond. Click the pic to see previous months and info on signing up.

As far as glass testing goes, I haven't done a lot lately.  I did run tests on the new CiM color Flax, but it's so pale and transparent that pictures of it just didn't turn out.  Plus, the color itself is way better as a layering color for cream, pale green or yellow, so pics of beads don't really show just the Flax color.  Sooo, I decided that it wouldn't be a fabulous color to write up.

I can tell you that it's lovely for what it is - a very, very pale transparent yellow-green.  I used it to enhance the cream color of Hazelnut Mousse in these pink and cream beads. As you can tell, any green that Flax may have when looked at by itself goes away when you use it for layering.  It's really, really light.  I may buy some to use in place of Effetre Light Brown when I need a paler cream color, but that's about the extent of its use for me.

Last but not least, people have been wondering where the beads are lately!  Mostly because I haven't been listing as many of them on my website as I used to. I have been making other beads to sell, but instead of posting them on the website, I have mostly been listing them as auctions on a couple of new Facebook groups.

If you're interested in getting some of my beads for a really great price, join one of the Facebook groups to bid. You will also see lots of other great lampwork artists posting their auctions. Lots of eye candy! My auctions are usually 24 hours long, so if you don't see anything from me, it just means I haven't got any to post that day.

 Lampwork Bead Market Group

Yes, I will still be listing beads on the website - just maybe not as many as before. I will continue to try and do both for awhile and see how that turns out.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!  :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party - Soup Reveal!

I got my bead soup from my partner Kat last week - and she got hers too - so I get to post pictures of them both!

The blog party is in full swing - people have been posting their soup pics over on the facebook page all week long. We have until May to make something from our soups, but in the meantime we are all ooohing and ahhhing over the plethora of color and beauty that is beads.

Kat sent me some wonderful stuff! A gorgeous Russian lace agate pendant bead, along with some agate accents make up the bulk of the soup.  They are nice and chunky - fun to hold. She also included a whole bunch of Vintaj brass stuff - dragonflies and flowers and connectors - even earring hooks and some wire.  Chain and links and filigree and more!

Most of this soup contains elements I have never worked with before, so this will be a challenge for me.  My muse desperately needs a challenge - something to wake her up and get her out of the rut she's been in!

I am not sure what I am going to make, but I imagine I will break out the wire-wrapping tools.  I also want to add some color to this so that the elements stand out.  We'll have to see what I come up with!

Kat sent me these wonderful things to design with!
Kat has also received and blogged about the soup I sent her. For Kat, I made some lampwork beads, of course, in mint green and pink.  I made a large (for me anyway) rectangular focal, and added some floral accents and spacers.

I thought that copper would look really pretty with these springy colors, so I included some copper findings as well as a really pretty copper leaf toggle clasp and some flower connectors.

Of course, you know I had to add in some crystals - I chose cubes and rounds as well as some bicones.

I can't wait to see what Kat makes with all that - her style is so different from mine, I am hoping this is a challenge she will have fun with.

This is what I sent to Kat - I hope she likes it!

Monday, March 24, 2014

I Was Interviewed on Glass Beads Daily!

My bowl of tiny spacers - from 4mm to somewhere around 10mm.
I forgot to post about this on Sunday, but Holly of Glass Beads Daily posted an interview of me, along with pictures, for Space Out Sunday.  It's a fun blog - go check out the interview here!

I love Glass Beads Daily, because we can post our own links there every day, and I get decent traffic when I do.  Holly also puts up a post every day - which amazes me!  I'm lucky if I post once or twice a month on my blog.  Holly rocks!

Monday, March 10, 2014

CiM Glass Testing: 525 Marine Ltd. Run and 425 It Ain't Easy Being Ltd. Run

More teals and greens!  Even though CiM seems to release a lot of these colors, I never get tired of using them, especially together.  Today we have two new colors - an opaque pale green and a transparent teal. Since there are so many of each of those, I am also posting some comparison pics.

Both of these are Limited Runs, like most new CiM colors lately.  I am hoping they do some colors that they will add to the permanent line soon.

First, we have It Ain't Easy Being, which is a play on the phrase Kermit the Frog uses - "it ain't easy being green".  I find the name somewhat odd, since Kermit is vivid green, and this color is really pale.

The closest color to this out there I think is Mint Chip, which is just a tiny bit less blue than It Ain't Easy Being. It's not as grey as some of the other pale greens, making it a nice base for transparent green.  I like that it has less yellow - sometimes you want a pretty, true light green that isn't yellowish, especially this time of year!

It Ain't Easy Being works up nicely.  It's not stiff at all, and doesn't bleed under encasing.  If you use it by itself, it's very light - especially under clear.  In some of these beads, I used It Ain't Easy Being as a base for Effetre Light Emerald Green, and it looks perfect - a nice summery green. It layers well and stays opaque in dots and when encased.

You will notice some striations when you use it as an opaque base, but those are light and muted, so it's not too bad.

It Ain't Easy Being is a good substitute for Mint Chip if you can't find it - they are not exactly the same, but close enough to be interchangeable most of the time.

Next we have another transparent teal color that fits right in with the other teals and blues that CiM has put out over the years - Marine.

Marine is similar to the Mediterranean Ltd. Run that came out last year - but Marine is a bit more vivid and just a hair darker. It's not as green as Tuscan Teal (not pictured), but greener and lighter than Trade Winds.

Marine is not too stiff, but is a bit more finicky than I prefer.  It has a tendency to bleed a little bit when encased, and spreads somewhat when layered in dots. It's not unworkable, though - just needs a bit more attention when using as decoration. The color is so lovely though, that it makes up for the extra attention needed.

In these beads, I layered Marine with Effetre Light Sky Blue - the perfect pairing. The color is a vivid teal that is just on the green side of aqua. I love teals and greens for summer, so Marine made an ideal addition to my ocean color schemes.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party - Blog Hop Partner Kat BarronMiller!

As you may know, I am participating in the giant blog party called Bead Soup this year, for the first time.  I just got my partner, so I thought I would tell you all about her.

Her name is Kat BarronMiller, and she is a fantastic jewelry artist! She runs a website called Midnight Kat Productions, with an accompanying blog and Etsy store.

What I really love about her work is her current fascination with steampunk, and her wonderful wire wrapping.

We will send eachother some beads, a clasp and a focal, and then each make something out of those items to show off on our blogs. The blog hop will be on May 3rd, so make sure you visit then to see all the amazing eye candy!

I am so excited for this.  I have been in a bit of a creative funk lately, but this is sure to challenge my muse to make something completely different and fun. And I can't wait to see what Kat will make with the beads I send her. Stay tuned! :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Glass Testing: CiM 210 Sunset Ltd. Run and CiM 614 Jellyfish Ltd. Run

Creation is Messy has a new batch of Limited Run colors up this month, so I put my two favorites together for this test.

First up is CiM Sunset - which was a happy surprise for me!  Almost

all of the coral/orange glass I have ever tried, which has usually been made by Effetre, has had cracking problems when encased in clear or even in light transparent colors.  It doesn't always cause the bead to crack, but it does enough of the time to keep me from wasting my time making encased beads with any coral/orange glass I have.

So, when I saw this lovely, dense, streaky orange rod from CiM, I thought to myself..."hmmmm I wonder if this cracks under encasing, too?"  The good news is that as far as I can see, Sunset doesn't have the cracking problems that all the Effetre 420 odd corals have.  But it does have the same lovely, juicy, saturated orange that we find in those Effetre coral oranges.

Sunset works up a little nicer than the Effetre coral oranges - not too stiff, has a tendency to streak and strike in the flame a little bit, but not as much the Effetre.  Also, Sunset doesn't have the rough texture that sometimes happens with Effetre corals. No pitting or air bubbles that I saw. No bleeding or spreading that I saw.

The color of Sunset is a true orange - it doesn't tend toward either red or yellow.  Encasing it in clear lightens it just a little bit.  For fun, I encased it in Jellyfish, and got a lovely watermelon orange which looks delicious.

I had no problem layering this dense glass - it keeps its color very well.

1. Sunset with clear encased Sunset scrolls. 2. Effetre Lavender Blue Pastel encased with Jellyfish, with clear encased Sunset scrolls. 3. Clear encased Sunset with Lavender Blue Pastel and Jellyfish dots. 4. Jellyfish encased Sunset with Jellyfish encased Lavender Blue Pastel scrolls.

Jellyfish under daylight lamps
Next, we have CiM Jellyfish, a pretty transparent lavender that shifts to lighter bluish in fluorescent light, just like other lavender glass out there.

This version of lavender is very close to the old CiM Count von Count - maybe just a touch lighter. Not as light as Larkspur, and not as pink as Purple Haze.  Not as muted as Tranquility. Compared to Effetre Dark Lavender, Jellyfish is just a touch lighter.

There's nothing that sets this glass apart from all the other lavenders that CiM has released over the years - it works up nicely, isn't too stiff, holds its color and is really pretty. It does scum up a little on the rod as you melt, but that goes away when worked into a bead or pulled as stringer.  It's not as scummy as Effetre versions.

I'm glad for the release of this color, because it's been difficult to find Dark Lavender, and the other CiM lavenders have mostly been discontinued (Except for Larkspur, which is lighter than Jellyfish).  As long as CiM keeps bringing out the lavender glass, I will buy it because I like the consistency better than Effetre.

I am hoping that Jellyfish doesn't turn out to be as expensive as Purple Haze was! Both of these colors are set to come out sometime this month.I'm looking forward to making pumpkins with Sunset and lots of flowers with Jellyfish.  They are limited runs, so get them as soon as you can, because I think they will sell fast. :)

Summer Sunset set, same colors as beads in the above pics.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New lampwork glass tutorial up today - Making Storybook Pumpkin Beads

It's been a long time coming - and is finally here!  I just finished my newest lampwork tutorial - Making Storybook Pumpkin Beads.  The tutorial covers making the bead itself, but also has lots and lots of color information and 140+ pictures!  The tutorial is 22 pages and costs $14.

I just updated the Coloraddiction website to include the pumpkin tutorial.  I've set up a new shopping cart, which allows for instant downloads of the pdf files for all of my tutorials. (Kim's tutorials are still delivered by email for now.) You'll also get an email with a download link. That way you don't have to wait for me to email manually!

The pic to the left will lead to the pumpkin tutorial page. Here's the page for all the tutorials.

I would love to know how you all like it!  Thanks!  :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just Joined the Beads Soup Blog Party!
I'm super excited for this - it's my first time doing this or any other kind of blog party.  It's an exchange of beads with other beaders, and then a show and tell of what we make.  Sign ups are going on today only (because this is a very popular blog party!).  Click the pic to see and to sign up!

When I get my bead soup ready, I will post a pic of it here on the blog.  Then, when I have something made from the soup I get from my partner, I will post that here, too.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bead of the Month Club - Floral Earring Beads

I just finished updating my website'm doing a Bead of the Month Club.  It's for earring beads in flower designs.  I'm excited because I have never offered anything like this before, and I think it will be a lot of fun.  Flowers are my favorite - and a favorite of many of my customers!

Last year I had several people ask me about earring pairs.  People wondered why I don't offer them more often, and why my sets don't include matching beads for them to make earrings.  I vowed to try and fill that request - and I think this is a great way to do it.

Each month I will make up a batch of flower beads in a great color scheme inspired by the season.  Some months they will be raised flowers, some months they will be surface flowers - etc., etc. 

Customers who sign up will also get a matching pair of lampwork spacers, and a little surprise - crystals, or silver beads, or findings, or....?  The price also includes shipping!

Unlike most clubs like this, there won't be any commitment - people can buy one month and cancel if they want to.  Or, they can buy several months up front and save a little bit of money (there's a discount for the 3 month and 6 month subscriptions).  It will all be handled by PayPal's subscriptions, which makes it easy for me and for the customer.

More information about the Club is on my website - just click the pic below to go there. I hope you will check it out!  :)

lampwork bead of the month club

Frantz Art Glass Introduces "Try Before You Buy" Program

Something really cool just popped up for beadmakers and other glass artists who love glass color!  Frantz Art Glass - my favorite glass supplier - announced a few days ago that they were going to allow customers to try new colors before buying them.

According to their website, this means that when you make a purchase there, you can choose up to 2 new glass colors and receive a free rod of that glass to try out.

I have to say that I am pretty excited about this.  Frantz gets new Effetre colors in pretty often - and posts pics of them on their website.  However, it's sometimes really hard to tell just by the paddle picture what that glass is going to end up really looking like in a bead.  A lot of new colors look nothing like the pic on the Frantz website, for a number of reasons. That makes it hard for customers to commit to buying even a quarter pound of it to try out.

This new program is a wonderful opportunity for those of us who are addicted to new colors, but can't afford to buy them all, knowing some of them won't work out.

I know I am excited to try their new Navy Blue opaque glass - a color I have been waiting forever for!  You can even try the latest batch of EDP 254 - the opaque purple I wrote about in my last post, the one that works for Pantone's 2014 color of the year. Canyon - a light turquoise blue - also looks really pretty.

You can bet I will be snatching up a couple of free rods the next time I order.  Hopefully there will be some left!

Check out their newsletter here. (nope, I don't get a kickback for blogging this - I just love them)  Have fun!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pantone Color for 2014 Radiant Orchid - A Tall Order for Glass Beadmakers!

Radiant Orchid
Pantone - the influencial color design company - just announced their color of the year for 2014 - a gorgeous pinkish purple called Radiant Orchid. It's such a lovely color - I could hear the jubilant cheers of designers from here!

However, as I am sure lots of glass beadmakers would agree, it's kind of a mixed bag for us in the lampworking world. While Radiant Orchid is really beautiful, it's not an easy color to find in glass.

The closest hue I can see would be Effetre's 254 Opaque Purple, which is nicknamed EDP, or Evil Devitrifying Purple. Most glass beadmakers I have talked to have a love/hate relationship with EDP, me included. It's a singularly beautiful shade of orchid purple, but it has a habit of blooming into a chalky, yucky, pitted pinkish matte color when worked in the flame. Encasing it is damn near impossible.
One of the only times I used EDP successfully - as a base and as frit.

These days, EDP has been reformulated and has come in several batches, each one having a little less of a tendency to devitrify, thank goodness.  The most recent batch I bought doesn't devit nearly as much as the original, but it still bleeds and spreads when you layer it.  Therefore, it's best used as a base, which really limits its usability for me. Frantz Art Glass has a blog post about working with devitrifying glass - and it is helpful for those beads that just have EDP as a base. 

There are some beadmakers out there who do amazing things with EDP, and have learned how to coax out the best properties of the color - and to those miracle workers I doff my cap to you.

Lavender glass with Rubino scrolls - somewhat close to Radiant Orchid?
In the days ahead, I am going to try and layer different shades of pink and purple to see if I can approximate Pantone's Radiant Orchid - we'lll have to see if I am successful.  It should be a fun journey!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Glass Testing, CiM Ltd. Run Colors: 710 Seashell, 712 Hazelnut Mousse and 714 Antique Lace

It's beige day! After summer ends, I like to get into a more neutral palette, before I hit the vibrant fall colors.  This time, Creation is Messy cooperates by introducing a whole bunch of new neutral tones to their 104 coe glass line. 
l-r Seashell, Hazelnut Mousse and Antique Lace

The three I am reviewing today (which are all limited runs) fall into the beige category, and are all very very close in shade. So close that in the sets of beads I made, you can barely tell the difference between Hazelnut Mousse and Seashell. Antique Lace is the lightest of the three, and Seashell is the darkest - although you can barely tell which is which until you get them into the flame.  Working Seashell is a bit different than working the other two colors.

In the past, I have used Effetre Silver Pink as my beige/cream, mostly because I like the lightness and denseness of the color.  However, because it's handpulled, Silver Pink can be shocky, is sometimes full of air bubbles, and tends to vary from batch to batch.  It can also be rosy (hence the name), and is sometimes too light.   Luckily, I won't have to use Silver Pink as often, now that there are many choices for beige in the CiM line.

Seashell encased in clear
Seashell is a warm beige that's a bit peachy in the rod.  However, when melted and annealed, it lightens up and loses most of the peach overtones, and is a nice, light color, great for light skin tones, or anywhere you want an off-white color.

When melted, Seashell has a similar consistency to Lichen - a bit stiffer (but not overly so) than most CiM opaques.  It is slower to cool and doesn't always go back to being very opaque. It's just a teeny, tiny bit darker than Hazelnut Mousse, and a little less dense.

Therefore, when encasing this color, it's not as opaque, and tends to wash out just a little.  Encased stringer with Seashell as the base, and clear or a light transparent as the cover yields a bit of a ghostly effect.  It's pretty if you like that sort of thing.

HM encased in clear
I prefer Hazelnut Mousse, because while it is the same tone as Seashell, it's denser, so it stays opaque and doesn't fade as much when encased.  This makes it easier to layer with.  It's also a bit less stiff, and opacifies almost immediately when cooled.  I would probably pick this color immediately for any off-white, cream, beige I need in my beads. Fantastic neutral - and pairs well with black, grey, brown and pretty much anything else.
Seashell and Hazelnut Mousse, with Black, CiM Adamantium, Effetre Light Brown, and Clear

I liked encasing this with Effetre 018 Light Brown for a dreamy vanilla cream color. If you encase it in clear it comes out almost white - maybe a kind of eggshell color.

AL encased in clear - almost white!
Antique Lace works pretty much the same as HM, only a shade lighter.  It's dense, not too stiff, and easy to melt.

It's too light of a color for me, personally - but might work as a base for dark transparent colors.  When encased, it turns winter white - just a tiny shade darker than actual white. It's pretty on it's own, but is too light for layering as a light color, because it just washes out.  I think this would be a nice pale opaque base if you're not planning on doing any encasing.

Other than the spacers, the beads I am showing only incorporate the first two colors, not the Antique Lace.

Sometimes I used Hazelnut Mousse and Seashell in the same bead, and you cannot tell which is which.  These colors went really well with grey and black - a nice neutral palette for all year long. :) The beads below are available on my website, on my new Beads For Sale page.