Friday, May 22, 2009

Answers to Questions

Hi everyone - I want to thank you all for your comments on my last post.

Here are the answers to some of the questions in the comments section -

Yes, I did convo the person in question. She did reply to let me know that she had no idea the images were stolen - that she did indeed buy the banner and avatar from someone else on Etsy. That person's Etsy name is Tartsie, and it looks like their shop is empty.

I've contacted Tartsie, and I plan on contacting Etsy about it. However, I imagine Etsy can do nothing other than possibly kick Tartsie off Etsy if I can prove the banner/avatar came from them. I am not sure I can do that because the banner/avatar was a custom order.

To Alan - yes, I understand completely what you are saying. If someone bought my beads and took their own photo to use on their website, I would have no issue with it, unless they were insisting they made the beads themselves. That's still misrepresentation. I've only ever had that happen once, though. For the most part when this happens, people are using my own images to promote either their sales venue or their career as an artist.

Of course, if people are using my beads in their own work, that's completely different.It's an honor for me when I see my beads used in jewelry or other art.

Su - thank you for deciding to post about it on your blog - I appreciate that!

As for Jewlz076, she has asked for time to get another banner/avatar up, and I have decided to give her that time. It's not her fault someone was so unscrupulous as to sell her stolen images. It's my hope that she will ask whoever creates her banners to use images of her work - that would make the most sense.

And a heartfelt thank you goes out to the person who reported this to me - Angela. I really appreciate the time she took to look out for me. It was really kind of her.


  1. In this case I'd say Jewlz076 is a victim too. I really think Etsy should at the very least give Tartsie a warning - with you and Jewlz in agreement that neither of you provided the picture that should be some kind of proof.

    Good luck Kandice, I'm glad you are making some progress!

  2. Wow - I hadn't caught the last post until today so I'm just going to comment on this one. I'm glad things are working out - that totally sucks that someone used your pictures and sold a banner with it! I'm glad things are working out.

  3. Hi Kandice just wanted to say good for you for raising this issue it is important and for doing it well and also I have tagged you see my blog for details
    Sam x

  4. I'm so sorry to learn that your work was stolen/misrepresented. I've had my articles reproduced on other sites too without my permission and I know that it's not fun.

    Glad I came across your blog. Like your works. You are quite talented. All the best with your artworks.

  5. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this horrible issue. My heart goes out to you. Always it is the most creative people that this happens to. I hope you get this resolved once and for all s that you can continue to concentrate on wowing us with your talents :)

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  7. Oh Kandice! Aren't you just sick to death of this?! If you had a nickel for everytime this happened to you - my goodness!!! I need to go on YouTube and make a video telling these people to leave you alone!!!!

    Hang in there and don't ever stop telling people to stop taking your pictures!!

    Bead on!