Monday, February 15, 2010

Glass Testing: CiM 590 Great Bluedini

I'm back with another color test - this time it's Creation is Messy's new transparent teal called Great Bluedini.

Quality-wise the color is really nice - right in line with CiM's colors in general. Perfect stiffness, very little bubbling or scumming, lovely consistency and stability.

Great Bluedini doesn't seem to do anything unexpected - not a lot of bleeding, spreading, sinking or reacting to other colors. It layers well, keeps its vibrant teal color and is dark enough to encase.

I would compare this color to Effetre's Dark Teal, which is a premium color in that line. Great Bluedini is only just a teeny tiny bit bluer than Dark Teal - a difference so slight that it's hard to tell unless you're holding a rod of each side-by-side. The two colors are almost identical in hue and shade.

I think the only difficulty I had with this color is when I photographed it. My camera tended to wash out some of the color. It's really very vibrant.

I am definitely looking forward to more new colors from CiM - and hoping that they will make something new instead of duplicating what's already out there. However, it is nice to have that duplication - just in case the other isn't available. And CiM's color does tend to be slightly more consistent and stable than other brands in 104 coe. If they keep up the quality, I personally will choose them over other brands when I can.

Here's a set made with Great Bluedini, Fremen, Elphaba, Olive Transparent and Diamond Clear. I had a lot of fun! It has an hour left on ebay if you're interested. :)


  1. Kandice, love your updates, How does this compare to leaky pen? Looks perhaps more blue? It is as saturated?

  2. Hi Lara! Leaky Pen is definitely more blue than Great Bluedini. Great Bluedini is more of a teal. :)

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  4. Love all the CiM posts! Keep them coming!