Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New lampwork glass tutorial up today - Making Storybook Pumpkin Beads

It's been a long time coming - and is finally here!  I just finished my newest lampwork tutorial - Making Storybook Pumpkin Beads.  The tutorial covers making the bead itself, but also has lots and lots of color information and 140+ pictures!  The tutorial is 22 pages and costs $14.

I just updated the Coloraddiction website to include the pumpkin tutorial.  I've set up a new shopping cart, which allows for instant downloads of the pdf files for all of my tutorials. (Kim's tutorials are still delivered by email for now.) You'll also get an email with a download link. That way you don't have to wait for me to email manually!

The pic to the left will lead to the pumpkin tutorial page. Here's the page for all the tutorials.

I would love to know how you all like it!  Thanks!  :)

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