Thursday, December 18, 2008

CiM Testing: Evil Queen and Count von Count

New colors - yey! I took some time out from working on the Coloraddiction website (new tutorial there this morning by the way) to test some new Creation is Messy colors.

So. Much. Fun!

The first color I tried my hand at was the pretty shade of violet they are calling Evil Queen. Not quite sure why they called it evil - I am pretty sure this is the most well-behaved CiM color I have run into lately - and definitely the most well behaved violet shade!

This color is slightly stiffer than other 104 COE opaques - just like most of the CiM colors are. And this is nice, because encasing it is easier.

Evil Queen in rod form looks a bit like Vetrofond's Dark Violet - a nice, solid purple shade that isn't quite as dense as the Effetre cousins are. The nice thing about this color though is that it doesn't have nearly the reactive tendencies that most other 104 violets have. It doesn't bleed, suck other color, have any silver reduction patina, and keeps its pretty color.

When it is layered, it has the slightest tendency to go translucent, kind of like Bullseye, but that mostly goes away after working it for awhile. You can also get this color really hot without it scumming or boiling.

Using Evil Queen as a base, I began encasing it with Count von Count - the other new color I have for this set.

Mkay. What the heck is up with the name of this color? All it conjurs up for me in my mind's eye is that count from Sesame Street. Was he purple? I don't remember. LOL

Anyway. This color is almost completely identical to Effetre's 081 Dark Lavender. Most people probably won't be able to tell the difference. It works up just pretty much the same.

It's a gorgeous color - a deep, color shifting lavender that sparkles like all get out. Using it over Evil Queen created a stunning orchid shade that knocked my socks clean off.

Here, you can see these colors paired with Effetre's Dark Red Brown and Vetrofond's Crystal Clear.

And here is Evil Queen with some purples and Leaky Pen.


  1. Hi Kandice!

    First: I like your colour-combis soooo much! Great! My favourit: all of them! :-)
    And yes, he was purple! In Germany he's called: Graf Zahl! ;-)

    Like to see more, Steffi

  2. So very very nice. Evil Queen in Disney's canon was dressed in purple and black as was the dragon she turned into

    I adore the way CIM names their colors. It has become a game to get the reference.

  3. I really appreciate all the information you offer here, thank you so much for taking the time to test and share the information!

    It may possibly be that I use a Hot Head torch, not really sure, but Evil Queen devitrified like crazy for me. First time, it came out in the kiln. Next two times using it was even worse - kiln soaking helped some but not completely...

    Marla : )
    Twisted Tinkers

  4. Marla - Hmmm, that's odd - but I have never worked on a Hot Head, so I am not sure what's up there. I do know that CiM colors like a lot of oxygen, so it could just be that you need a bigger torch.