Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Impression: Reichenbach 104 Opal Raspberry

Those who know me know I am on the constant lookout for new pink glass colors. Boy, have I ever found one. Now, Reichenbach's new line of 104 COE glass is not extensive, but with a color like this - who cares? According to posts on the forums, this glass is compatible and quite saturated, so adding it to my current palette won't be a problem. And there sure is room in my palette for this lovely color.

Olympic Color Rod came out with this glass pretty recently, I think. You can get it from Flame Kissed Glass as well. Other vendors have it sporadically.

This is one of the rare pinks out there that stays similarly saturated after melting as it is in rod form. It's a warm dark pink - reminiscent of Pepto Bismol, lol! It's darker and more luminescent than Effetre's darkest version.

This shade can striate slightly - and sometimes you might see the faintest hint of a warmer shade of orangish, but it's reaaaaallly faint.

The glass itself has a bit of a pearlish glow to it, and melts to a medium stiffness.

All I have done are spacers and the swatch - I haven't paired this with anything yet. But rest assured - I definitely will be doing so soon.

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