Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glass Testing: CiM 773 Tamarind

This is another color I am blissfully happy with - yey CiM!
Tamarind is an opaque caramel color with a slight tendency to strike at first. However, this color evens out and gets dense as it's worked, especially when other colors are layered on top of it.
The color is so much like candy!

Tamarind is slightly stiff, but very smooth when melted. It encases very well with no bleeding, and stays a true caramel color with very little striation. Tamarind is one of the most stable opaque browns I have ever seen - making it perfect for layering and decorating in geometric patterns and florals.

Paired with CiM Maple it is the perfect brown. Layer it with any of the Effetre Ambers it makes lovely dense fall colors.

This is one opaque color that I would use alone, as a base, as it is saturated enough to pop as an autumn shade.

Makes absolutely wonderful spacers.

In the set shown here, the focal has a Tamarind base and is decorated with melted scrolling that is a Tamarind stringer encased with CiM Maple. The flowers are DH Aurae. Reducing the Aurae for the metallic look didn't cause a lot of reaction in the Tamarind, which is nice.

The set below is a variety of beads which contain a lot of Tamarind both as a base and as a layering color with other opaques and transparents.


  1. oh...this is beautiful...

  2. Thank you, love the color a lot and wow .....
    Great set!

  3. is it tamarind?

    wow that's a great creativity.

  4. ...your beads are so beautiful...


  5. Awesome! Beautifull colour and I like the combination with Aurae soooooo much!

    Thank you for showing us, Steffi

  6. Love the colors you've tested! It gets me excited about Autumn! How lucky you are to be the one testing these. :)

  7. The colour is beautiful! I love the beads and the tamirind works really well.

  8. those beads are absolutely pretty.

    i just started following your blog, I hope you can follow mine too

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