Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glass Testing: CiM 780 Maple

This color is fantastic. I am so happy with it that I plan to buy a bunch as soon as I have the cash.

CiM Maple is a very stable medium transparent brown which is the perfect light coffee color. What's particularly lovely about Maple to me is that it does not strike and does not react - it stays that true medium brown. It's not so dark that you can't make spacers with it, but not too light that it won't show up when encased.

Maple's consistency is slightly stiff, like most of CiM's transparents, but not too stiff. The glass does darken a lot in the flame, but lightens and evens out while cooling.

Using this color to layer over other opaques is wonderful - it doesn't get so dark that you can't see what's underneath.

This was always the color I went for when trying to hand-mix my own brown - and could never quite get.

Shown here are some beads I made (which are on ebay) with Maple as one of the main transparents. Also a plain spacer is shown.

Pair this with Effetre Mud Slide or CiM Tamarind and you have heaven. Bravo CiM!!

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