Monday, October 12, 2009

Glass Testing: CiM 483 Slytherin

I kind of wish CiM's newest green Slytherin was called Perfect Pine! For one, we wouldn't have to worry about JK Rowling's lawyers seeing the name, and for another, it is the perfect shade of deep pine green.

I really love this color, so it's going to be hard to come up with any constructive criticism. :)

When I got my hands on some Slytherin, it at first reminded me a little of Effetre's transparent Sage Green. At a closer look though, you can see that Slytherin is a little more olivine in tone, making it a wonderful shade for autumn color schemes!

Slytherin has a wonderful consistency - not too stiff and relatively little in the way of bubbles or scum. It was a dream to use in encased stringer. The stability of this color is also really nice - no reactions, reductions or bleeding as far as I can see.

This is a very dark color, so it's really not a good one for a thick can see that even in a small spacer, Slytherin does not transmit a lot of light, making it appear black or intensely dark green.

Therefore, Slytherin works best as a layering color. Really the only thing I can think of to improve on this pretty green is the fact that it does lose some of its dark intensity when encased. The green lightens up quite a bit as you can see here in this encased flower bead. It's still very pretty though. Here it's layered on top of Dirty Martini and encased in Diamond Clear.

A thicker layer of this glass without an encasement yields a gorgeous shade of pine that looks great on raised florals and is stunning over Dirty Martini as an encased stringer. I really love it here!

CiM says Slytherin was created as a green version of Leaky Pen, which I think was quite successful. You can see it here - this set was made with Slytherin, Dirty Martini, Leaky Pen and Fremen - all CiM colors - and Precision Diamond Clear. They look lovely together. Yey CiM!


  1. Wonderful new color. Love it!
    And I'm once more in awe about your great eye for color. I would have never thought of this color combination (Fremen and Slytherin in one set?) - but when you do your magic it looks fabulous.

  2. You're so sweet to say that - thank you!