Saturday, September 25, 2010

CiM Glass Testing: 586-1 Mermaid Unique

Rarely, a unique batch of a regular color comes along that I actually like better than the original.  This is one of those colors.

Now, the regular version of CiM Mermaid is a lovely, saturated teal color.  I've blogged about it before - once I got a non-shocky batch of it, I really admired this glass color.

A few weeks ago, I got the new release of the unique batch - 586-1.  And OMG, you guys. It's freaking delicious!  It's deep teal-blue - both darker and more saturated than the original, and slightly less green in color.  It's so dark that there's not much washing out when it's encased.  Stick some Leaky Pen over it and you have a color so deep, so rich, you can get lost in it.

My camera actually lightened this color a bit when I snapped pics of beads made from it, so imagine it slightly darker and more saturated.

The swatches shown are of the regular version (right) and the unique version (left) so you can see the difference. This shade is a color I have been hoping for for a long time.

Working this glass is pretty darn easy.  It doesn't bleed at all, and only striates a little bit.  It's dense - a little goes a long way.  It's neither stiff nor soupy for an opaque - the consistency is right on.  It doesn't bleed or spread out much at all - when I used it with Adamantium it didn't fight for space like I would expect a green/blue to do.  It's not reactive from what I have seen so far, but I haven't used it with any silver glasses.

It's just a gorgeous, dense, super-saturated teal that pairs wonderfully with Leaky Pen and Clear, or can be a gorgeous base all on its own.  I am totally getting more of this when I can.

Here are some beads I made with this color and Adamantium grey.  They're on Etsy if you're interested!

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