Saturday, September 25, 2010

CiM Glass Testing: 874 Adamantium Original and 874-1 Unique

I love grey - and it seems to be a really hot color this year.  CiM's Adamantium has been compared to Lauscha Cocoa, but I think that's not really an accurate comparison.

Adamantium is a warm dark grey, whereas Lauscha Cocoa is more of a dusty cool brown. I love both colors, of course!

I'll talk about the original version first.

This khaki grey came with relatively few surprises, which is good for me.  It's a slightly striking color, and can striate some when not encased. It's still pretty dense - not much washing out under transparent glass, and layers very nicely.  I didn't have any trouble with it spreading or bleeding - which suprises me a little bit.  This color is somewhat close to Effetre's original Sage (Sage is lighter than Adamantium, and has a tinge more green), which bleeds quite a lot (especially in stripes!).  So I expected this color to bleed as well.  I was so happy it didn't!

I also expected this color to be somewhat shocky, as Effetre's shades along this line are all a little shocky.  Adamantium isn't, thank goodness.
I seem to keep repeating the observation that CiM's glass is consistent and less troublesome than its Effetre counterparts - this remains true for me.  I'm beginning to switch over to CiM versions when they are similar to Effetre.  The quality just tends to be better.

What I loved best about this color is that it didn't lighten much at all when I encased it in clear - even in stringer form.  Usually opaque colors fade somewhat when pulled into stringer - especially under a layer of clear.  But my spacers and stringer look much the same in color, which makes me happy.

The unique batch of this color - 874-1 - is slightly lighter and warmer than the original, but only just.  I noticed very few differences in consistency and workability.  Even the swatches seem very similar.  The original batch is on the left.  The spacers show the difference in color.  It's worth nothing that the unique batch is a bit smoother in color - no striation occurs.  No bleeding, spreading or much striking, either.

The unique batch is even closer to Effetre Sage than the original - so much that I might replace the Sage with this Unique version.

The bead sets shown are Adamantium original with black, white and clear.  They're all on Etsy as well.

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  1. I like to poke my head in here every now and then just to see what I'm missing in the glass world while I'm on hiatus. Glad to see you're still here would not be the same without you burning the torch somewhere. :-)