Monday, March 10, 2014

CiM Glass Testing: 525 Marine Ltd. Run and 425 It Ain't Easy Being Ltd. Run

More teals and greens!  Even though CiM seems to release a lot of these colors, I never get tired of using them, especially together.  Today we have two new colors - an opaque pale green and a transparent teal. Since there are so many of each of those, I am also posting some comparison pics.

Both of these are Limited Runs, like most new CiM colors lately.  I am hoping they do some colors that they will add to the permanent line soon.

First, we have It Ain't Easy Being, which is a play on the phrase Kermit the Frog uses - "it ain't easy being green".  I find the name somewhat odd, since Kermit is vivid green, and this color is really pale.

The closest color to this out there I think is Mint Chip, which is just a tiny bit less blue than It Ain't Easy Being. It's not as grey as some of the other pale greens, making it a nice base for transparent green.  I like that it has less yellow - sometimes you want a pretty, true light green that isn't yellowish, especially this time of year!

It Ain't Easy Being works up nicely.  It's not stiff at all, and doesn't bleed under encasing.  If you use it by itself, it's very light - especially under clear.  In some of these beads, I used It Ain't Easy Being as a base for Effetre Light Emerald Green, and it looks perfect - a nice summery green. It layers well and stays opaque in dots and when encased.

You will notice some striations when you use it as an opaque base, but those are light and muted, so it's not too bad.

It Ain't Easy Being is a good substitute for Mint Chip if you can't find it - they are not exactly the same, but close enough to be interchangeable most of the time.

Next we have another transparent teal color that fits right in with the other teals and blues that CiM has put out over the years - Marine.

Marine is similar to the Mediterranean Ltd. Run that came out last year - but Marine is a bit more vivid and just a hair darker. It's not as green as Tuscan Teal (not pictured), but greener and lighter than Trade Winds.

Marine is not too stiff, but is a bit more finicky than I prefer.  It has a tendency to bleed a little bit when encased, and spreads somewhat when layered in dots. It's not unworkable, though - just needs a bit more attention when using as decoration. The color is so lovely though, that it makes up for the extra attention needed.

In these beads, I layered Marine with Effetre Light Sky Blue - the perfect pairing. The color is a vivid teal that is just on the green side of aqua. I love teals and greens for summer, so Marine made an ideal addition to my ocean color schemes.


  1. Gorgeous colors!!! I love all the transparent blue/teal colors of CIM and invested a fortune in some of their limited runs, especially Breeze and Mediterranean. Beautiful beads, of course, too!!!! Thanks for the review, Kandice.

  2. Dear God, those are gorgeous- every last one of them. Thank you for showing us the way. Sue in Maine