Saturday, September 26, 2015

Glass Color Testing: CiM 436 Leaf Men

It's officially fall and one of my favorite fall colors is green.  The glass color I am reviewing today is one of the pretty new greens by Creation is Messy, called Leaf Men. This green is similar to Olive, but a little lighter and somewhat less yellow-y. It's a wonderful shade for autumn, and seems to go well with other fall colors.

Leaf Men was a tiny bit shocky - it cracked and split just a little when introducing the rod to the flame.  Slowing down helped somewhat. The glass isn't too stiff, though, which made layering pretty easy.

Leaf Men does striate a lot. Lines of darker green will form, especially when used alone as a base. I think it's pretty, but you want to keep that in mind when layering.

I found that CiM Mojito made a really nice transparent complement to Leaf Men, bringing out the olive tones while keeping the color saturated.

 Like most CiM greens, Leaf Men didn't bleed much, and encased well, making it a wonderful color for florals and melted decoration when used under a transparent. When melted into dots on its own, you can see the color separate and form darker spots in the center of the dot.

This color fits right in to CiM's extensive green family, making up for the discontinued Shrubbery, Army Men and others. Keep making those greens, CiM - I love them! :)

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