Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Glass Color Testing: CiM 537 Celeste Ltd. Run and CiM 434 Eucalyptus Ltd. Run

Good morning, all - time for more glass reviews! Today I am doing two Creation is Messy colors - both in the light green/blue family - one transparent and one opaque. Both are scheduled to come out for sale later this month.

First off we have the opaque color, aptly named Eucalyptus, a soft pale green that looks pretty much like it sounds. There have been a lot of colors from CiM in this range - light, milky green shades - and each is slightly different. This one is like Lichen only slightly bluer and a touch more saturated.

It's a little more dense as well, making it easier to layer with, a lot like the consistency of Dirty Martini (one of my faves). Eucalyptus works easily, without being shocky or too stiff. It doesn't seem to bleed at all.  It does striate a little bit, but that goes away somewhat when encased or layered with a transparent color.

The perfect pair for Eucalyptus I think is the next color I am reviewing, called Celeste. This transparent shade is pale aqua - a lot like Frost only slightly lighter and a little more greenish.

Celeste is similar to other CiM pale transparent colors in that it can tend to scum a little on the surface when you start heating it, but as you continue to melt the glass, the bubbles will mostly disappear. It's not as stiff as some transparents, which made it easy to layer and encase with.

As you can see, photographing Celeste was not easy, because it is very light. In retrospect, a dark background might have shown the color better. :)

In the beads that follow, I used both these colors along with CiM colors Lapis, Journey and Smurfy. The clear used is Double Helix Zephyr.

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