Friday, October 28, 2016

Glass Color Testing: CiM 541 Denim and CiM 625 Bashful

So, I had planned on blogging about a completely different color scheme a couple of weeks ago. Then, my computer's new solid state hard drive took a complete dive and I lost all the pics and notes about the new Creation is Messy color I had tested the week before. Soooo, I'll have to redo that one!

In the meantime, I have a bunch of other colors ready to blog about - and here are the first two. Both are limited runs (as are all in the latest batch), and both are relatively neutral colors. These days, my mood is darker, so I am in the mood to make dark beads! :) 

First up is Denim, which is aptly named, as it's a very dark, transparent grayish color that sits between green and blue.  I personally prefer more of a blue cast to my denim, so I like to layer it with a bluer opaque color. This time, I used CiM Blue Steel as the opaque to layer Denim with, which turned out a little more grey than I was hoping for, but still bluer than when Denim is used alone. It's still really pretty, especially if you like those dark futuristic neutrals as much as I do.

For me, this color is too dark to work on it's own as a base, so layering it thinly on top of opaques or clear is the way to go. It made gorgeous encased stringer with the Blue Steel!

Denim is a nice smooth glass to work with. It didn't shock, pit, bleed or bubble at all, and it's not too stiff for layering - which is really nice! I actually really loved how it melted in when placed on top of the Blue Steel, on clear-encased black (below) - it created very crisp flowers.

Denim is definitely a winner in my book. There's no other color like it that I know of, and it fits right in to a neutral palette.

Next we have a pale tint called Bashful, which reminds me of sepia tones without the yellow. CiM calls this a pale purple - which personally, I just don't see. I see a very pale grey/brown that reminds me of the color of champagne, or black diamond crystals. It's however not as dark as CiM Chateau.

At any rate, this is a lovely tint that I thought looked really great layered on top of the paler cream colors that CiM has - in this case, Antique Lace or Butter Pecan. The result is a neutral off-white or ecru that doesn't have the yellowish cast to it that cream usually does.

This is another glass that is almost problem-free. I only saw the tiniest amount of scumming if I heated the end of a stringer too long or too hot. As with most pale transparents, use a delicate hand when heating, and you'll be fine.

Encasing stringer with Bashful over Antique Lace yielded a very pale color that was kind of an eggshell - almost white but not quite. Lovely on top of black, and paired with the Denim. This is a wonderful color if you're looking for light cream without the yellow cast, but don't want to go into the light brown range.

More CiM tests coming soon!

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