Monday, October 31, 2016

Glass Color Testing: CiM 544 Aloha and 444 Pixie

Two more lovely Creation is Messy colors reviewed today!

This has so far been the most fun batch of new CiM color I've tested. All these lovely blues and greens have been relatively easy and are just so pretty. I know I've gushed over CiM colors a lot lately - believe me, if I get a color I am not fond of, you guys will know!

Both of these are of course limited runs, so get them asap if you love them.

 First off, we have Aloha - a really nice bright opaque aqua/turquoise. While Quetzal (see post from two days ago) was slightly on the green side of Effetre's turquoise, Aloha is slightly on the blue side and a bit brighter. It's also a shade darker than CiM Fremen, and a bit bluer than Smurfy. It's not really an exact match of any other color that I am aware of, so it's a wonderful addition to the palette.

Aloha plain and encased with clear
What I really love about Aloha is that it's not as reactive the Effetre turquoises. There's no silvery patina on the finished beads, and there's not a lot of striation - just a smooth, consistent bright aqua.

Aloha makes a nice layering companion with any of the transparent aquas CiM has - In the beads below, I layered it with Zoe.

Aloha melts easily and smooth - not stiff at all. I didn't have any shocking issues, and the glass doesn't bubble, scum, bleed or spread.
petals are Aloha with Zoe on top

Next up we have a fun shade of opaque blue-green called Pixie. It's hard to classify this color, because it's kind of green, but not real green. If that makes any sense. It's too dark to be called Celadon, (in fact, CiM's Celadon glass is lighter.) It's kind of sea-foam-y. It's gorgeous, and I love it.
Pixie plain and encased with clear

Pixie is a perfect layering match with CiM Aloe Juice, which sadly I can't find anywhere anymore. But you can also use Effetre Light Teal or CiM Appletini if you want a color to layer on top of Pixie.

Pixie worked up pretty much like Aloha - no problems so far. Pixie striated a little bit more, which showed through the layering, but not enough to be annoying.

Both colors did really well making encased stringer - they hold their shade nicely and don't wash out when melted in. Both were smooth to melt and had a really nice consistency while working.

I love that CiM is filling holes in the 104 color palette - I just hope these don't sell out too fast!

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