Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Glass Testing: CiM 822 Mockingbird Ltd. Run

Now that Thanksgiving is over, time to do some more glass testing! Today's blog is a short one - just one color - CiM's new neutral grey, called Mockingbird.

Mockingbird is a lovely grey that reminds me a lot of CiM Twilight, but slightly on the bluer side and just a hair lighter. There aren't a lot of cooler greys in the 104 palette, so this is a nice edition.

The rods look a little more blue than what the glass actually comes out as after being annealed. CiM also reports that Mockingbird is a color shifter, but the difference under fluorescent lights vs. daylight bulbs is very, very slight.

One nice thing about Mockingbird is that it's not as stiff as Twilight was, so layering it is pretty easy. And it's a nice, clean color without a lot of pitting or scumming - an added bonus. I also didn't have any shocking problems, or any bleeding or spreading of color. Working this glass was pretty effortless.

In the beads shown below, the bases are Mockingbird layered over Adamantium, then encased in clear. This cools the Adamantium a little, resulting in a nice charcoal grey color, which I just love.


  1. Just popping in to say thank you for such diligence..I love CIM glass and like to see how the colors looked once worked up as opposed to the raw rod...and your test beads are always such an example of precise perfection! Admirable. ❤️­čÖĆ

  2. Hi, just wanted to say these are beautiful and also thanks for the comment on our blog!