Thursday, December 18, 2008

Coming Soon: CiM Cranberry Pink

(** Please note - this post was originally written before CiM came out with the color below.)

Oh. My. God. CiM is coming out with a new color, and it looks so pretty! I haven't gotten any yet - it's still in the testing phase. I can't tell by the picture whether this will be a transparent, translucent or opaque color. I have heard on the forums by one vendor that this color might have a high learning curve - meaning it might take some doing to get this color to perform how you want it to. That's totally fine with me - as long as it's pink!

Check out the CiM Page on this color, and what they are saying about it over at Lampwork, etc.

On a totally different subject - I haven't posted much lately because I have been super busy getting ready to move! Yep, we bought a new house, so I will be moving later this month. Hopefully after the holidays I will get back to much more frequent posting. Until then - have a colorful holiday!

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