Friday, January 23, 2009

Off Topic - Tag!

One of my fave blogs, Lenox Knits, tagged me! I've never been tagged before, so let's hope I can do this right. :)

The rules are easy - list 7 things about yourself - weird or random stuff. Then tag seven other blogs to play the game. Also, link back to the blog that tagged you. Sounds like fun!

So here goes....

1. I love almanacs. I love reading the little snippets of information and fun anecdotes, and I LOVE the weather predictions. I like the daily moon phase and astrological information! I collect almanacs - especially pagan-related ones. The Witches' Almanac is my favorite.

2. My hubby and I are highschool sweethearts, and our parents still live within a few blocks of eachother. We met my freshman year of high school and were in the band together. We didn't start dating until my junior year. We have been together almost 19 years now.

3. I have to turn off those commercials about abandoned or abused animals. I literally cannot stand to watch them - I cry every time they come on.

4. I think I might be tetrochromatic. It would explain a lot.

5. I am an aunt! I have two gorgeous nieces - Morgan and Maia. Maia's three and Morgan is almost five months. I ADORE them - they are amazing little girls.

6. I can't have children, and have a long history of misscarriages. Hubby and I have decided that we can live vicariously through our siblings when they have kids. Now that we have two nieces, we get the fun of spending time with them and the ability to give them back to mommy and daddy afterwards! :)

7. I am utterly fascinated by anything paranormal. I like the science aspect of it rather than the "feeling" aspect, but I think both are valid. I love the idea of trying to scientifically prove the existence of things like ghosts, esp and ufo's. So yeah, I watch Ghost Hunters. Yey!

Okay, there you have it! Now - tag, you're it! It's okay, of course, to decide not to play, especially if you've played before. Here are the tagged blogs - some of my faves!

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5. Judith's Bead Lounge
6. BeadsMe
7. Cen's Loft


  1. wow you did a good job of that Kandice! Thanks for the tag, I'm not nearly as interesting. I'm an ordinary tetronic..whatever the 3 cone is..:)

  2. ROFL - trichromatic. :D And yes, you are as intersting! :)

  3. Thanks for the tag Kandice. I'm posting tomorrow so I'll need to think of 7 things to share. Thinking cap on!!!

  4. was reading thru your old posts....
    Gir-r-rl, we LIVED with a Ghost, and it was soo bad, we had to move...
    Eeeekkk....We even had to call in real "Ghost Busters" per was absolutely soo scary!!
    Shadow People and everything...* sound of teeth chattering*