Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Seasonal Color

Do you often find yourself sorting colors in your mind? I do - and it's almost always by season. I have colors in my head that are intrinsicly autumnal, and so forth.

This often helps me when I am picking out colors of glass for making a bead set. I think about what season it is - or what season it will be soon - and certain colors just stand out.

For some strange reason, I am not a Christmas Red and Green kind of gal. Unless the colors are a very specific shade, I kind of don't like red and green together. Give me a velvety deep purple-red and a pine green, and I might be okay with it. But tomato red and kelly green are nauseating.

Right now, I am working with pinks and reds for winter - specifically for Valentine's Day beads. Now, that's pretty self explanatory. But what colors would be good for winter in general?

For me, I like icy blues, minty greens and cold purples for winter. And of course, winter white is always nice.

When the new year comes, I kind of slowly slide over to the hot pinks and reds for February, then the sweet spring-ish greens for March.

Once spring starts to near, I like to work with soft pastels with shiny black as an accent - especially lavender and green. Coral is a fantastic spring color that will hold right into summer.

Of course, in summer the deep aquas, teals and greens are wonderful to play with - makes me think of swimming and the beach. Summer is a great time for anything vivid and cheerful.

By far, my most favorite season for color is autumn. You can see it in my gallery - most of my bead sets are in autumn shades of deep purple, amber, pumpkin, black and green.

Neutrals are also wonderful this time of year because they will last throughout the fall and winter season. I adore Halloween, too - which adds a whole new dimension of color.

What are your fave seasonal colors?


  1. Hi, I love autumn colours of amber/topaz, purples, rubino & reds. I don't generally go seasonal, I seem to do color fazes, like at the moment it's red-purple. Could you maybe give me some advice. I am trying to get a gold-bronze color. I know about goldstone but I wanted something else (coe 104). I have tryed
    topaz or amber transparent over ivory but too light, doesn't look golden. Same over brown or RL Carmel is too dark & orangy look. Any ideas?

  2. Delicious beads!!! Love love love them all!

  3. those beads are just stunning! i agree, i really don't like christmasy red and green...ick.

  4. Your beads are absolutely beautiful and give me inspiration to create new jewelry pieces!

  5. Wow, these looks just fabulously. I love your art. Thank you. The story about your palette moved me too. Each season reveals indeed the unique colors.

  6. Thanks for describing your seasonal palette, Kandice.

  7. Your beads are lovely!
    I like reds and blues. I do not like to wear them but they are wodnerful accent colors.

  8. Your beads are rock! Great job, very nice colors :)

  9. I adore your beads! They are so beautiful!

  10. Beautiful...oh u r soo talented.. i adore your beads.. I would love to learn this art.. where to start?

  11. These are stunning! Absolutely love the autumn colours....