Saturday, January 10, 2009

Total Lack of Color Mojo

So. What do you do when the color muse and the creative muse are both on vacation, sipping their margaritas and flipping you the bird? Because that's where my muses are right now. :) I seriously have absolutely no creative mojo this week!

The last few times at the torch making beads have almost been like pulling teeth. I can't come up with a decent color combo to save my life.

Sometimes, it's just like that. For no real reason other than that the muses would rather party it up by their mythical pool than hang out with me and help me out. Ahhhh creativity.

Soooooo, what do I do in that situation? Well, I look at yarn. Yep, yarn! Hand-dyed yarn mostly. The colors people are coming up with in the fiber arts industry are really inspiring.

Sometimes, I even buy the yarn I am looking at, even though it tends to be slightly out of my price range. And I justify it by saying to myself - "Hey, I knit. And someday, I will use this. Yeah."

Because, seriously, the colors are just out of this world. The textures only add to the inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorites this week - hopefully the sellers will be okay with my using the pics, since I am linking to their stores. Go and buy their yarn!!

This first one is ribbon rather than yarn, but it counts because I just adore the colors. I love variagated yarns! These cool purples and teals are perfect for this time of year - saturated and cold. This is sold by
JodyPoesy on Etsy.

I really love the play of color in this batch of fine yarn sold by Yarnplayer on Etsy. It's so highly saturated, I can almost drink it! The sweet shades of orange and deep magenta would make lovely beads, too.

I normally don't do white, but I admire the subtle use of it in this color scheme by HandSpunandDyedToo on Etsy. Reminds me a bit of mixed up Neopolitan ice cream. This would make a gorgeous felted bag that I could attach a lampwork flower in matching colors to. Ideas are starting to come - yey!

Oh, so soft and beautiful - this is a many-colored scheme that just flows so well together. I want to cuddle up in these colors! This is a theme that would likely keep me going through several bead sets that are slightly different but all coordinate. Check them out over at exclusivelylindalee on Etsy.

And here we are with a revisit of a favorite color scheme - I am just reminded of how much I absolutely love deep browns with icy turquoise. MMmmmmmmmm winter!! Thanks, FreckleFaceFibers on Etsy for the gorgeous re-inspiration!

If that's not enough to entice the muses back from their poolside lounge chairs, you can do a google search for hand-dyed yarns and be inspired. :) I think I am off to make beads now!


  1. Great inspiration! I never thought of looking at yarn for ideas. My mojo has been on vacation too! Hopefully, not for much longer because I am starting to feel the urge to create!
    Best of luck to you!!!

  2. I haven't been able to make beads for a couple of weeks now (grrr) and have turned to knitting temporarily. I have bought so much yarn already, it's all about the colours with beadmakers! I hope your muse has returned refreshed :)

  3. Have you seen SassaLynne on etsy? Her stuff is incredible!

  4. I love the first yarn shown, very beautiful!!

  5. Oh, I like people who look for the beauty in the details!

  6. What a great way to start the creative juices aflowin'. When I lose it, I might have to research your links here. You can always pick Kimberly's brain!!! Thank you for sharing the yarn links. I am sure they won't mind...
    Lodahl Art Glass... Kay or "LAG"

  7. Ooooh, I love those yarns sooo much. Especially the ribbon, wow! That's the prettiest ribbon I think I've ever seen!

    MMmmmmm color *drool*

  8. Lovely idea! I am a fiberartist... and of course am inspired to tears by handspun yarns. It's nice to know that others are too and I'm not so weird!

  9. What wonderful inspiration, I love yarn colors too:)

  10. Oooo. . . . I wish I could knit! Tried it years ago, and I just can't sit still that long. All the yarn colors are so yummy to lookd at! I love the Pic youposted of the Blues, Browns and white - fabulous ~ maybe someone will knit a sweater for me with this yarn! :)

  11. I went shopping for yearn the other day and almost couldn't stand it, it was so wonderful. Thankfully, looking at yarn in luscious colors has inspired me to work in some pinks and reds for this season...thank goodness! Thanks for the kind blog comments, guys! :D

  12. LOL Freudian slip - that last comment should read "yarn" not "yearn". Although I did yearn.... a lot!

  13. when my color muse makes herself scarce i go find a big juicy coffee table art book and almost immediately i am full of color combination ideas.

  14. I was an art minor in college, but I mostly just drew or painted what was in front of me. Even when I got stuck on an assignment, I never thought about going to a yarn store for color inspiration, but what a great idea. I wish this blog had been around back then.

    Do you think it works on writer's block as well?