Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's Coming Up

So I've been working on the next installment of my Glass Color Families tutorial series for quite awhile now. I'm finally almost dine, so I thought I would post a little announcement with a teaser picture. Yes, Pinks!!

The tutorial will be listed on Etsy as well as my main Coloraddiction tutorials site hopefully by the beginning of next week or sooner. This is a pic of all the petals I have pulled for the tutorial - each of the petals is a glass color I will be covering in the tutorial.

They are all 104 COE glass from CiM, Effetre, Reichenbach or Vetrofond. Some will be covered in more detail than others, but there will be blurbs on all of them. I will also be covering some techniques that are related to the pink glass.

The tutorial is geared towards the novice beadmaker, but is useful for a range of skills from beginner to advanced.

I'm not sure yet what the price of the tutorial will be, but it will be larger than my Browns tutorial, so might be a little more than that was. Anyway - hope you all will stay tuned! If you want to, you can sign up for the mailing list on Coloraddiction - I will be announcing the tutorial there when it's released.


  1. I love the photo that accompanies this post!

  2. thanks for noticing my link to your blog was all wonky. it is repaired and working correctly. love the pinks - i first heard of cims pink champagne from your blog and it continues to be one of my favorites.

  3. This is so eye catching ... very purrrtie!

    ~Lily 1pm est time today and/or 24/7 AWESOME music

  4. These are crazy beautiful! I've loved looking through all of your fantastic beads!

  5. lovely petals. so refreshingly spring-ish. :)