Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glass Testing: Effetre 209 Sea Green

I'm not fond of this color - the name or the color itself. Sea Green the glass is much darker and more primary than the name suggests.

Sea Green striates and separates like most other Effetre opaque greens, which makes it a color that I will likely not work with.

It also bleeds when encased, and takes over other colors, making it likely a lot more palatable to beadmakers who make organic beads or like reactive, unpredictable glass.

That being said, when it is encased, minus the obvious bleeding, the color does lighten and is prettier that way to my eye. It does retain striations when encased, though, making it possibly a good glass for making vine stringer.

I would not use this color for the geometric designs or florals that I tend to stick to. Again, this color is only available currently through Frantz in their Beyond Beauty assortment.

Shown here are a solid basic round and two attempts at encasing a solid base.

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