Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glass Testing: Effetre 420-MS Coral Martian Strata

Yet another Coral batch in a long line of variations on a a beadmaker, I am over all the Coral batches.

They are all starting to look the same - I think Effetre can safely move on, as long as they release a color that is actually Coral.

This batch is pretty, though - a very dark variation with striations of tomato red mixed with a slightly pinkish hue that fades in and out. Martian Strata does separate even more than most of the other corals I have worked with, hence the name I imagine.

As for the way the glass behaves, it is very similar to other darker corals in that it doesn't bleed when encased, and evens out slightly under a thick clear layer.
It stays relatively dark under a clear encasement, and makes a nice layering glass.

This is another color that is only offered in the Beyond Beauty assortment at Frantz until they get the color up individually. I would be so much more interested if there were not forty zillion other coral batches already in the Effetre line. LOL

Shown here is a basic sold round bead as well as a bead layered with clear and Martian Strata dots to show the stability.

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