Thursday, September 3, 2009

Glass Testing: Effetre 281 Marmorin Light

Continuing on with some glass testing today, I have three colors I am going to review. The first is Effetre's new semi-opaque called Marmorin Light (available at Frantz Art Glass in their Beyond Beauty Assortment).

This color is weird, but I can totally see how great this might be if used in making organic designs. It looks sort of moonstone-y in the rod, and when pilled into the petal for the swatch, it stayed that way.

In the flame, this glass goes a translucent dark grey that can kind of be hard to see when you're applying it to another dark glass, like black.

This seems to be a striking glass, going opaque gray in spots as you work it. You can get a stringer gray color by striking it over and over, allowing the color to cool and reintroducing it to the flame very slowly.

Marmorin light does tend to bleed a little bit, and does separate and striate a little as well. The effect can be seen in the encased spacer, here with Diamond Clear. You can also see it striate over black, which I think is a lovely effect.

The biggest surprise with this color was the tendency to turn an olive-ish grey in the kiln when used as a solid base. It certainly was nowhere near that color when I put it in there!

All in all, I think this color is interesting, but probably not a color I would use for my usual geometric and floral beads because if its reactive properties. I think it would make lovely olive-y spacers and a cool base for organics, though!

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