Thursday, September 3, 2009

Glass Testing: Effetre Rosewood

This pretty color, which has no number that I can find, is a new one from Effetre which unfortunately has only been available at Frantz in their auctions. I am really hoping that this glass will be listed by rod there soon!

Rosewood is a lovely shade of burnt sienna/brick/terracotta that striates and stays nice and saturated.

It reminds me of a painted desert, and I think would make lovely spacers and a gorgeous base for organics.

I like the density of Rosewood - and its tendency to keep its bright color even when encased. It does spread, but only slightly, and was not difficult to layer.

I would LOVE to see Kimberly Affleck use this as a base for a seahorse! I think the woodsy, painted feel of this color lends itself very well to an organic look - but might even be nice with encased geometrics and florals.

I'll be keeping my eye out for this glass!

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