Monday, December 14, 2009

Comfort Beads and New Discoveries

Sometimes, when I am down in the dumps (which is so often the case around the holidays), I feel the need to just make beads that are comforting and which make me happy. These past couple of weeks I have really fallen back on those most-practiced color schemes and designs.

Pink and brown is one of those color schemes that I have done so many times I can almost do them in my sleep. The colors bring up rose petals and cappuccino in my mind. I hope they never go out of style, because making them always puts a much-needed smile on my face.
I put black in there for some variety, and because lately I have been putting black in almost every set I have done.

Black is the color I use when I am looking to really highlight the other colors. It really makes everything pop right out. Also, when I use a lot of black, it's usually reflective of my mood - dark and introspective.

Last week I stumbled on a really pretty glass pairing that brought out the most gorgeous shade of liquid gold - metallic and delicate.
Opal Yellow encased with a bit of Double Helix Light Aurae, reduced just a little to bring out the metals. You can bet I stuck these colors right on black for a set of classic beads that I think would go with anything. I've never been able to get such a pretty shade of gold before - and I am not much of a gold lover when it comes to metals.

That kind of discovery on my own makes me happy, especially since I am not usually a silver glass user - I tend to shy away from those glasses. The Double Helix Aurae shades are a definite exception, though. Someday let's hope they do a pink one, so I can have both comfort and newness in one set of beads!

Oh, yeah - these are all for sale on my website - click the pics to see them.


  1. Gorgeous sets, Kandice! Seeing the two together I can't help but wonder what your new gold recipe would look like with some pink accents? Or would the metal content of the Aurae interfere?

    I've stayed away from the 104 metalled glasses so far but I'm increasingly tempted to indulge!

  2. those are gorgeous! I hope lots of people see them, and you get lots of sales. So sorry you are feeling down. Me too... but I've been on the computer a lot and reading. Once I have a weekend to work, I'll start creating again. Hoping for a nice new year! {:-Deb

  3. These r soooo pretty! You're really talented with them... great job!