Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glass Testing: CiM 586 Mermaid, UPDATE

When last I wrote about CiM Mermaid, it was a brand new color that I had received a rod of to test. Apparently, I got a bad rod, because when I was recently asked to re-test it just in case, I had a completely different experience than the last time. So here I am to update you on the properties of this pretty glass!

Before, I had major issues with shockiness and cracking. Thank goodness that was just an anomaly! The new rods I got to test were from the same batch as the first rod, but no shocking whatsoever.

The stability of this glass in the flame is by far the biggest change from the first time I tested the glass - and I am so glad about that, because this color is just gorgeous. Here are some other things I have discovered about Mermaid -

It's not as streaky as it was the first time, which is nice, but still does streak and separate a little bit, like most green opaques do in the 104 coe lines. Encasing doesn't seem to reduce this effect much, but it's subtle, so I kind of like it.

One really nice thing is that Mermaid doesn't seem to bleed or spread nearly as much as I expected it to - most dark opaque greens bleed like crazy, making them hard to layer or encase. I was able to encase stripes of Mermaid over black with no problems at all.

CiM Leaky Pen seems to be a perfect match for Mermaid - encased stringer with these two colors is just fantastic. Very vivid and pretty, I think.

I've used Mermaid in several sets now, and I am very happy with its density and depth - and this color is not a repeat of any other color in any 104 coe line, which makes me happy as well. I have already bought more and will continue to experiment with it.


  1. Oh Kandice! Those are beautiful beads. Just love your color combinations, as always. Glad it worked out better for you.

  2. REALLY glad this is a good color, because I love it!