Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Color - Like a Deep, Relaxing Breath

Fall is my favorite time of year, as most of my blog readers already know.  Truthfully, after a hot summer, seeing fall foliage and color relaxes me and makes me feel like I can finally breath again.

Now, I know that fall colors usually come out months - even years - before the actual season starts, but I have kind of been preoccupied.  So I hadn't really noticed much color until I watched the latest Project Runway.  Last year I wasn't thrilled with their color asthetic on that show.  This year is another story.  Even the colors the judges thought were awful got me excited!  Lots of rich, deep jewel tones, greys and silvers and lots of earthtones.  The plum and silver resort-wear swimsuit ensemble on this week's show was just gorgeous.

Now, I am not sure if it's my mood or my fashion sense, but the Lenzing fall color forecast - specifically the "Identikit" section, near the bottom of this page - really speaks to me.  Dark, rich, and very futuristic. Silvery greys, blurry browns and feathery greens soften the heavy purples. I want clothes and beads made of these colors right now.

Pantone's selection of autumn 2010 colors is a bit more lively - more saturated and friendly.  I do like the colors - but feel as though some of them are somewhat summery.  Maybe good for Indian summer weather, if we had it.  The bright coral and vivid, juicy purple shades are somewhat heavy-handed for me this year.  Seems like the designers are in love with the mossy green "woodbine" this year though, and I agree with them. It's gorgeous!

The understated quality of this year's camel and metallic selections speak to me more than the pale blues and bright reds on this fashion site that showcases the runway. And I am in love with all manner of olive green!

I'm also enjoying the color selections over at Cut and Sew - rich chocolate brown, soft camel tan and even a subtle medium bluegreen.  Put those together and you get bliss!

Happiness is a set of fall colors.  Even the vivid oranges, purples, greens and black of Halloween motifs are making me happy this year.  Now I just have to get my glass mojo back and I'll be set. Go Autumn!

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