Monday, August 20, 2012

CiM Glass Testing: 409 Key Lime Pie Ltd. Run

Just a quick post today to tell you about a new CiM color....another one that hasn't been named or numbered yet, so it's labelled "B". (note: as of 8/29/12, this color has now been named and numbered 409 Key Lime Pie Ltd. Run) I said last time that I wasn't going in alphabetical order - and I'm still not, at least after this one.  This pretty green shade just happened to be what I wanted to use last week, to fill a custom order for some light green and cream beads. And this is a lovely light opaque green.

When I first saw this, I thought it was the new color called Cardamom (yes, I'll be testing it later on).  However, it isn't Cardamom - it's a unique version of Elphaba, according to Kathy at CiM.  "B" is much, much lighter than Elphaba, and slightly greener than Cardamom (but still really close).

It's light, like Dirty Martini, only more saturated and less grey. It's very springy - if I were naming this color, I might call it Pale Mint or Baby Green.

The consistency of "B" is nice and smooth - not too stiff or too soft.  It works very nicely, and was easy to manipulate.

Like other CiM greens, this pretty color doesn't tend to bleed when encased, or spread when melted.  It layers well and stays opaque (if very, very light).  It only striated a tiny bit (as you can see in the middle of the spacers).

In this set of beads, I layered "B" with Effetre Yellow Green to brighten it up a bit.

All in all, this is a happy pale green that will make lovely, springy beads. Hopefully CiM will have this one out soon - or at least have a number and a name for future ordering!  :)
"B" with Effetre Yellow Green, Silver Pink and Light Brown.


  1. I'm usually not into pastel type colors, but the work you did with this is beautiful, Kandice! I'm not a beadmaker, nor do I work with glass, but I love reading about things that people do with color, which is why I follow your blog and your shop. Thanks for the eye candy.

  2. I love that color! I wanted a green that shade and didn't have one, naturally. Now, I forget exactly what I wanted it for. I'm sure I will remember quickly enough what I wanted it for if I got some.

  3. Those are some of my favorite colors! Since you have so much pull with CIM, tell them we need a new that is like the royal purple velvet worn by majestic kings and queens. I have petunias in my garden that color and I'd love to have that color in glass.

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  5. Did I mention I wanted to eat this color? OMG it looks SO TASTY! :) And your beads always look like candy to me!

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