Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blog Award

How sweet - I got another award from Saffie's Blog - this one is called the Kreativ Award - thanks so much!!

The rules are to nominate 5 blogs which inspire me, and link back to the blog which gave me the award. Also, let my nominees know by commenting on their blogs. So here goes!

Kimberly Affleck - her blog is new, but her beads are so inspiring, and she is a lovely person!
Ever After Artistry - gorgeous beads and a clean, simple blog - perfection!
Nagibeads - she tests glass and has the cutest hearts!
The Glass Owl - a delightful blend of weird and cute - her owls are so much fun!
Lampwork Diva - Cindy's blog - just overall lots of fun to read!
Thanks for the great blogs, you guys. :)


  1. Congratz on the award! Well deserved I say.

  2. Came to your blog by way of Daisy the Curly Cat. Your work is beautiful, what amazing talent and visually so lovely to look at.

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  3. Hello, another award for you... pls visit my blog

  4. I dont know how these awrds etc work, but thank you so much!
    I will get the hang of it soon, lol
    xo Laurie!!!

  5. Thanks Kandice I am very flattered, its a nice motivation to keep up and posting.