Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beadmaking Tutorial Sale and other stuff

Hi all!

I am having a three day sale on all of my tutorials - you can get 33% off by entering the code "3daysale" in your shopping cart!

This includes all of the tutorials listed under "Kandice's Tutorials" on the Tutorials page. This does not apply to Etsy listings - just the ones on Coloraddiction. This does include the Pumpkin tutorial - and it's the perfect time of year for that one!

I just finished updating Coloraddiction, adding all the new color blogs to the list on the Tutorials page for easy reference.

I've got more colors to test - just getting the time to start doing that!  I'll be posting about Tiger Lily (a bright orange) later today I think.  Also on tap is the light opaque pink called Primrose, and the opaque grey called Cobblestone. I am unsure about whether I will be testing the opal colors they have out - I am not keen on opal colors as you may have noticed.  :) There are also quite a few red shades, and I might do one or two of those.

In the coming weeks and months, I will also be testing some new frit colors called FrittyBits by Melanie Graham!  This is a huge departure for me - I am not one for using a lot of frit in my beads.  But my muse needs a refresher in creativity, so I think it will be a fun challenge. Look for that soon!

That's about it on the news front - see you later!

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