Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring's Not Here Yet, But....

Making beads in spring colors just seems right. Spring is nature's hopeful time when everything is new and bright....and we sure need that in this world right now. We got that hint of hope last week with the changing of our leaders in office, but for the rest of us regular folks, it's taking some time for spring's newness to come upon us.

These rays of hope have been peeking through for me, thank goodness. The depression of this last winter is starting to lift. I'm not normally so depressed over the winter months, but this year was quite difficult for me, like it has been for many people.

Color always lifts my spirits, though. Playing with color and light seems appropriate this time of year, and pink always makes me smile. So I paired it here with that lovely green I captured in my last bead set to make beads in a classic spring scheme. I think these turned out really well.

I was moved again to list them on ebay, because the last set is doing quite well. So, yey - here they are!

The set, called Strawberry Fairy, is playful and happy - something which I want to be right now. I almost always equate the pairing of green and pink with fairies. I'm not sure why - it's a feeling I get. That forest-y dew of the green with delicious, sweet pink makes me think of those pretty little nature spirits. It's hard to put into words. And the designs are fairy-like - with tiny flowers and dots and scrolling lines, these beads could almost be little fairy furniture.
I had a lot of fun making them. Hopefully the fun trend will continue!


  1. Wow ~ What beautiful color combinations on these beads ~ they look "delicious"!! And the bracelet turned out great!

  2. I was just popping by dropping you an entrecard when your beads caught my eye - they are absoluetly GORGEOUS!! What beautiful work - I am in awe!

  3. Yourwork is unbelievably beautiful. I've enjoyed reading your blog, and will continue.

    Your talent for picking breathtaking color combos is a rare one, and pair that withyour skills in making beautiful beads...this makes you an artisan of almost uncomparable talent. Keep up the gorgeous work!

  4. Those are delicious! Love, love, love your stunning beads!!!!

  5. Those are beautiful! The bracelet came out stunning thanks to them!

  6. Stunning beadwork! Love the colours, makes me wish spring was here already!

  7. Thanks for the comments! Just to clarify - this isn't a bracelet - it's a string of loose beads that I made. Jewelry designers purchase them to make bracelets and things from. :)

  8. Those are gorgeous, they rival spring, I think! Will definitely be visiting you in the future, your work would look fantastic in some pieces I'd like to do. Thanks!