Friday, May 1, 2009

My Favorite Color for May

Yey, it's May! Happy May Day and Happy Beltane, everyone. This midpoint of spring makes me think of lovely, cheerful spring green hues that are just a shade or two away from yellow and lime - the perfect color for the fresh new blooms of the season.

In glass, Effetre 071 Transparent Yellow Green is the perfect color. I adore this color - it's light enough to encase with and lends a crisp, vibrant aspect to the beads I make with it. It's one of those versatile glass colors that will go with anything, I think - especially purple!

Try layering this easy-to-use color over Effetre Uranium Yellow (as shown in these beads), or CiM Dirty Martini. For darker shades, try Effetre Copper Green, or layering it with other, darker transparents such as Effetre Grass Green for lime-ier hues.

Have fun! :)


  1. It's a beautiful colour!
    You've been tagged!! Check it pressure if you don't want to do it.

  2. Again, you are using my favorite color combination. And the beads are just mesmerizing! I love the violets and green combination so much...I sometimes wonder if I were a flowering plant in a past lifetime. LOL, thanks again for putting a smile in my heart :)

  3. Gorgeous beads. Love the color combination.

  4. Wow, those are beautiful!!! I love green and purple together, they just look so good together.

  5. Brilliant combination :)